‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Show Off New Valentine Gifts

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Fans of Alaska: The Last Frontier are patiently waiting for the arrival of an all-new season. The Discovery Channel series follows the Kilcher family has captured the hearts of fans making them feel like part of the family.

Fans connect with the family as they live and survive in the Alaskan wilderness. The family has grown substantially over the series’ 10 year-long run on television. Fans felt Eve’s pain this season as she struggled with homeschooling her children during the Covid-19 pandemic. They were also heartbroken to learn of the passing of Eivin’s lifelong equine companion. Through it all, fans have truly felt as though they too were surviving Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Happy Valentine’s Day From The Kilcher Family

The Kilcher family is doing Valentine’s Day right. Eivin Kilcher recently posted on his Instagram account. He shows fans the bookshelves he made for Valentine’s Day.

(Eivin Instagram Photo)
(Eivin Instagram Photo)

“Happy valentines Grandma Dena, and Sparrow Rose, new book shelves for your room,” says Eivin on the post.

Fans immediately commented on the post saying,

“Makin stuff for grandma on valentines.. good job.” As well as, “Those are beautiful! Handmade with love gifts are the best.”

Not to be outdone by her husband, Eve Kilcher also shared her Valentine’s Day experience with fans. She posted a photograph of her own showing a beautiful bouquet of flowers saying,

“Happy Valentines Day. Snow and flowers I love it! @alaskastems you’ve really outdone yourself. Thanks for bringing some color into our winter wonderland.”

Atz Lee Kilcher also made sure to give an update to his fans. The Alaskan hunter updated his fans with a photograph of his own. Atz Lee spent the day bird hunting and took to Instagram to show fans what he scored. He even found time to write a little poetry saying,

“Birds of a feather end up in my freezer together.”

Teasing Fans

The Season 10 Finale of Alaska: The Last Frontier aired just two weeks ago on January 31st. The series follows the Kilcher family as they live on the original 600-acre homestead settled by Yule and Ruth Kilcher over 80 years ago. Fans watch as the Kilcher family works together to survive Alaska: The Last Frontier.

The series has kept the attention of fans since 2011 and always seems to leave them wanting more. Fans were excited when a post was made on the official Alaska: The Last Frontier Twitter page. The post promised a new episode of the series airing on Valentine’s Day.

Fans were disappointed to find this was a mistake and that no new episode was airing. Some felt it was a cruel joke with one fan commenting,

“The show isn’t on at all tonight, I checked. It’s Valentine’s Day not April fool’s day.”

It looks like fans will still be waiting for the next installment of Alaska: The Last Frontier. Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news as well as updates.

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