‘Sister Wives’ Season 15 Premiere Recap – February 14

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Last season on Sister Wives, the Browns struggled to maintain their family unit after moving to Flagstaff, Arizona. A lonely Meri was quickly forced to find a new rental after neighbors made her move. At the same time, Kody plotted to get all the wives under one roof once again. In the finale, Maddie gave birth to grandbaby number two, Evie. Tonight, Season 15 premieres and this year will be filled with many struggles including quarantine.

Sister Wives Separated In Flagstaff

The four wives are still living separately. Unlike Vegas, they live a good distance apart. Meri and Janelle are renting while Christine purchased. Robyn is looking to buy her rental, which she ultimately has done. Kody is exhausted from constantly moving around and no one feels connected. They have their land, Coyote Pass but have yet to sell their homes in Las Vegas. Therefore, building has halted on Coyote Pass. Christine admits she feels lonely and distant. Robyn says it has affected their culture, as a family.

At her home, they were supposed to close on the home in a week but it’s taken a month. This is draining them of their money. They are renting trucks on a weekly basis. Additionally, their tax returns are becoming a hot mess. Kody is attached to each wife and he is thinking they need to be in charge of their own housing. Robyn has come to the point where she is still looking for rentals just in case. Everything is taking longer than expected and Kody is beginning to break. Robyn leaves it up to God but Kody says they need to commit to action.

Janelle and The Big Question

They never go out to lunch unless it is for a big purpose and now Janelle has called for a meeting. It is making everyone nervous. She asks them why they entered ‘The Principle’ which is the proper term for plural marriage. It takes everyone aback. Janelle did it for the idea of family and synergy. To not be selfish whereas Meri was raised in this lifestyle. Christine liked the sisterhood and family meant a lot of moms to her. For Robyn, it defined a functional family. Kody says he does not want to be an advocate for plural marriage anymore. There are so many ups and downs anymore because of the inequities. He likes the idea they are in the marriage because they were in love and not because they were commanded to it.

But, he’s not very positive about the marital system. It hurts the women but they believe he just feels so much pressure at the moment. Moving to Flagstaff has changed everything for the women. Janelle admits moving to Vegas was when she really started to feel disconnected from everyone. It was Vegas that separated them because of the four homes. Prior to that, they lived together and the eldest kids grew up as one. The next generation did not have the same advantage. The idea of one house does not seem so bad. Janelle and Meri apparently had a positive conversation about the benefits of it. Meri cannot remember it and that is a problem.

She admits Kody does not call her unless it is for business and says she does not have any friends in Flagstaff. Robyn asks if it all changed when she came into the picture. They vehemently dispute that.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

When Did the Sister Wives Fall Apart?

Robyn thinks the family fell apart when she joined. It really was because they went public and had to escape Utah. She does not know what life in Utah and one home was like. Now, in Flagstaff, he comes by twice a week for a few hours, and the wives never know when. It is all about business and it is a lot to fit in such a short period of time. It’s too much and not enough for the women. Christine points out Kody is always on his phone when he is over. He admits it is because he does not want to engage.

Being in one home forced them to fix their issues immediately. It is not the case anymore. Christine also admits she feels like she is hated. This troubles and baffles all the wives. Janelle points out this is the problem with living separately. She is starting to believe some of the wives maybe don’t want this life anymore. Christine admits she is not as strong on her own as she thought she would be. A bunch of “I love you’s” go from wife to wife. Robyn wants to have her own relationships outside of Kody.

Kody and Robyn find out they own the home but Robyn is not happy. She does not know how this will benefit the family as a whole except the kids.

Meeting Baby Evie

It is finally time for the family to meet baby Evie. Unfortunately, Meri had to go out of town so she was unable to be there but everyone else was. Kody could tell his granddaughter was going to own the world. They are very open about Evie’s limb issues and it is no big deal. Flashback to when she was born and had to be incubated and now how she will have to have surgery at one. But, she has so much love. The wives go around and announce their names. Robyn is Bubby while Janelle is Grandma. Meri is nothing and Christine is Oma.

Caleb wants to have so many babies but Maddie says he can have them then. She seems like she is done. Kody is happy to have his family together. Maddie and Caleb make him feel whole but he wants his wives to stop complaining.

This season, the wives feel like they will bust and Kody is over it and wishes he had one wife. The wives cannot get it together and then the pandemic hits and Kody cannot come by. The wives are battling and it does not look promising. Especially when they are ready to leave Kody. Don’t miss Sister Wives Sunday nights at 10 pm on TLC and discovery+.

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