Kody & Meri Brown Have ‘Business Only’ Relationship With No Intimacy

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Meri Brown shut down rumors her relationship with Kody was in jeopardy not too long ago via Instagram. But, the Sister Wives Season 15 Premiere tells a slightly different story. If you haven’t watched Season 15, Episode 1 titled, “Being Strong or Being a B*tch” yet, you may want to exit this article. This article contains spoilers from the Season 15 Premiere. 

Meri and Kody Brown appear to have a ‘Business Only’ relationship

During Season 15, Episode 1, we see Janelle get the family to get together for a dinner. It quickly becomes clear this isn’t something they do too often as of late. Janelle Brown (aside from Kody) is seemingly the only member of the family interested in returning to the plural lifestyle. She comes in hard and surprises her sister wives when she asks why they entered this relationship to begin with. Everyone admits they weren’t ready for such a hard question.

As they talked, Meri Brown opened up about the distance between the family. She admits they only really seem to talk for financial or business purposes. Even Kody, for example, only seems to call her when it is something related to business. Getting an affectionate call just to check on things isn’t something Kody would ever do with Meri. And, Sister Wives fans think this is kind of sad. It also doesn’t really line up with the relationship Meri defends on Instagram.

Does he refuse to be intimate with his first wife?

At the end of the episode, fans get to see a preview of the upcoming season. We see Kody and Meri trying to spend time together. Meri asks how Kody would respond if she leaned him to kiss him. And, it certainly sounded like it wouldn’t be a welcomed advance. Are Kody and Meri Brown no longer intimate?

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During a diary session, Kody explains that intimacy and even displays of affection such as a kiss are for people who are in love. Does that mean he doesn’t love Meri? Or, does he feel like she doesn’t love him? This certainly is the picture the preview for the upcoming season painted.

Does Sister Wives paint them in a bad light?

Fans have long but assumed Sister Wives is a scripted show. And, they assume aspects of the show are not exactly true. Is it possible the fracture between Meri and Kody is just a picture painted for the series? The drama certainly makes the show more interesting.

Do you think the relationship between Kody and Meri Brown is over? Is there no love there? Share your thoughts with us.

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