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Candace Cameron Bure Has A Secret Instagram Account

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Candace Cameron Bure has a secret Instagram account for her show Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. She announced the account via her Instagram Story. On Thursday, February 11, she posted a series of photos and videos from the set of her new film. She whispered about the account to her fans and followers.

On the new account, she will share a behind-the-scenes look at the show. Candace also plans to share insider scoops and updates about the new movie and the series itself. This is perfect for fans who can’t get enough of the mystery. It also makes perfect sense for the actress who wants to focus on faith on her personal Instagram account.

Candace Cameron Bure announced a secret Instagram account

The Fuller House star was on set of her new movie, How to Con a Con. Candace Cameron Bure was dressed up as Aurora Teagarden. In the new clip, she whispered to her fans about her secret Instagram account. She then shared that they were currently filming the new movie. The former child star has been sharing photos and videos all throughout the week.

“Hi, it’s Aurora. They’re rolling right now so I’m whispering,” Candace exclaimed. “But, I made a new little Aurora Teagarden Instagram, and all of our cast members have access to it and are going to upload all of their stuff. So if you want more behind-the-scenes footage or photos that are just Aurora, follow us there. I will tag it here.”

[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram Stories]
Her new Instagram account is called @AuroraTeagardenMysteries. However, some Christian fans may mistake it for another account. It could be easily confused with another Instagram account that has a similar name and a nude photo. There’s an Instagram page with the name Aurora Teagarden that features many nude photos on its feed.

“Nudity empowers some. Modesty empowers some,” the account reads.

The Instagram account is used to empower women. But it’s strikingly different from Candace’s secret Instagram account and is not related to the Hallmark series. It often shares illustrations with nudity and has profanity that would upset Candace’s fans. She already set followers off when she posted a photo of herself with her husband’s hand resting on her breast.

Secret Instagram account attracts 7,000 followers

Candace Cameron Bure managed to attract over 7,000 followers at the time of this article’s publication. Fans who follow the account will get the insider scoop on the new film and a behind-the-scenes look at filming. Over on the account, Candace shared an Instagram Story. She thanked her fans for following her on her new page.

“It’s me again. And now I’m on the Aurora Teagarden page!” Candace said. “Thanks for following us here. And hopefully…everyone’s gonna just participate in this and we’ll have more fun with Aurora Teagarden Mysteries stuff for you.”

[Credit: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries/Instagram Stories]
It’s not just about Aurora. Fans will also get to interact with some of the cast members. So far, the Instagram account has six posts. Do you plan to follow the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Instagram page? Sound off below in the comments.

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