‘Good Witch’ Season 7 Premiere Date Announced

Good Witch

Get ready for the return to Middleton, Good Witch, fan. The seventh season finally has a premiere date.

There is still a bit of a wait for Good Witch Season 7, and that’s the bad news. TVLine shares that the Good Witch Season 7 premiere will air on Sunday, May 16 with episodes airing weekly. The good news is that filming will be completed by then, so don’t expect any breaks along the way.

What to Expect on Good Witch Season 7

There’s a new Merriwick mystery for the seventh season, something that started with the end of Season 6. Cassie, Abigail, and Joy found the velvet pouches of soil, but what do they mean for the town? What do they mean for the individual characters?

There is set to be a more personal element to the story this season if the Hallmark tease is anything to judge. The cousins will look back at their pasts, reflecting on decisions and the handling of some life events. Pasts shape everyone, and it’s time for the three women to look at how their pasts have shaped who they are now.

Of course, there is also love and romance in store. New relationships will happen, and there will be a few other personal challenges. This is promising to be a season that nobody will ever forget, and that’s in a good way!

Sadly, there isn’t a trailer just yet for the season.

Why the Wait for Season 7?

One thing fans want to know is why everyone has to wait until May for the new season. There are a few reasons for that, with the biggest being that When Calls the Heart Season 8 premieres first. Hallmark is like many other cable networks with minimal original shows. Instead of airing multiple shows at once, the channel spaces out the content. It’s something similar to TNT, Starz, and Showtime.

Another reason is due to the COVID protocols. While Good Witch Season 7 started filming back in the fall, it was with all the extra protocols in place. These protocols have slowed things down, which is why the likes of This Is Us and The Resident have or are going on unexpected breaks. It’s the reason for the weeks on and off for the likes of NCIS and SEAL Team. Delaying the premiere means the show gets a straight run through to the finale.

It has been a difficult wait this year, especially with no Halloween special. All eyes will now be on Season 8 happening so things can get back to normal. There is no way anyone is ready to say goodbye to Middleton.

What do you hope to see on Good Witch Season 7? What do you want to see the cousins learn about themselves? Share your thoughts in the comments below

Good Witch Season 7 premieres on Sunday, May 16 at 9/8c on Hallmark.

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