Jennifer Martone Welcomes Murder Rumor, Amused By Tabloids

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As Unpolished star Jennifer Martone knows too well, reality TV stars give up most of their privacy. Fans and tabloids alike itch to know everything there is to know about their favorite shows. And, when there isn’t an interesting story to spin? Well, some tabloids thrive on making a story up. Or, exaggerating on an existing story. Based on her recent Instagram post, it appears as if tabloids are running with stories on Jennifer Martone that just aren’t true. Given new episodes of Unpolished are currently airing on television… This is something that makes sense.

Jennifer Martone, however, doesn’t seem to mind the attention from tabloids. But, she also isn’t afraid to call them on their falsehoods.

Amused Jennifer Martone calls attention to false tabloid headlines

Jennifer Martone posted a rather long statement to tabloids in the form of a picture on Instagram recently. She noted everyone writing their life story because “they think they know the correct story” should consider sending applications in to help edit the show. The Unpolished star then proceeded to clear the air on some false headlines and stories floating around tabloids and fan bases.

She notes that they didn’t go bankrupt. They didn’t lose the house. The salon did not close down. And, their family is not currently “in turmoil.”

Jennifer Martone, however, admits she finds all of the attention and the crazy stories to be amusing. She even proposes the next rumor tabloids intent on following her family should consider running with.

“But for everyone’s information you can start a rumor that I will be going to jail for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok murder by keyboard.” She penned.

Jennifer closed her statement with a laughing while crying emoji and an “lol.” It was clear she was tickled by the spotlight her family was currently in.

Fan reacts to the Instagram post were all over the map

Fans of Unpolished had a lot to say to Jennifer Martone in the comments of this post. There, however, wasn’t a general consensus. In a comment liked over a dozen times, one follower noted Jennifer should show more attention to her daughter Lexi and less to her daughter Bria. The individual noted it feels like everything is about Bria while watching the show.

Another individual went a completely different direction declaring their love for the family. The individual noted they really feel for Jennifer.


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Another individual added: “Some people just have nothing better to do. Even when presented with facts they still argue their absurd theories. I went back and forth with some on FB yesterday about the age difference between Bria and Matt. When I finally screenshoted his birthday from his FB page some stopped. Others continued with everything but the kitchen sink. I don’t get it.”

True fans of the series recognize the show is just that: a show. Jennifer Martone and her family have lives beyond the show. And, there’s always going to be an editing and production team working to present their story in a certain way.

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