‘Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’: About General Jeremiah Davis

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Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is certainly keeping fans guessing with each passing episode. Fans are seeing a hunt for gold turn into a plethora of paranormal phenomena. Mutilated animals, as well as, Skinwalkers, captivates fans with strange occurrences on the ranch. However, the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is just getting started.

Ryan Skinner

TV Shows Ace recently had the opportunity to interview Paranormal Investigator Ryan Skinner. Skinner is an avid investigator of the Skinwalker Ranch. He has spent more than a decade searching for the truth behind the bizarre stories and legends of the famed ranch. Ryan has conducted numerous research trips in an attempt to solve the ranch’s many mysteries. Author of the books Skinwalker Ranch: Path of the Skinwalker as well as Skinwalker Ranch: Tales of the Skinwalker, Ryan has dedicated his life to the paranormal. Ryan shares an interesting story of one General Jeremiah Davis.

General Jeremiah Davis

General Jeremiah Davis appeared on the radio talk show Evident Footprints. On the show, hosted by Don Nicoloff, General Jeremiah claims to be an astronaut of sorts. He is the Commanding General of a spacecraft called The Alliance. However, the story begins to get strange as General Jeremiah claims to be a member of the United Galactic Federation.

The Federation does not interfere in the normal lives of Earthlings. They offer to aid in the case of natural disasters such as earthquakes as well as tsunamis. He claims the United Galactic Federation offers the Earth not only aid but also protection. He claims evil forces are an active threat to Earth.

The spacecraft Alliance inhabits 26,000 people from many different planets. “There are entities from other planets watching what is going on here and monitoring the nations of the planet,” says General Jeremiah.

Dying Declaration

The interview goes on for over 40 minutes. General Jeremiah speaks of the United Galactic Federation as well as his role in the protection of planet Earth. Sadly, General Jeremiah recently died. He left a letter attesting to the validity of his claims. Milton Dailey, who recently appeared on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, provided TV Shows Ace with a copy of this letter.

General Jeremiah Letter
(Portion of Letter Courtest of Milton Dailey)
General Jeremiah Letter
(Courtesy of Milton Dailey)


Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch 

Ryan Skinner tells TV Shows Ace that Duane Ollinger met General Jeremiah shortly after purchasing the ranch. General Jeremiah came out to the ranch and introduced himself to Duane. Duane becomes convinced of General Jeremiah’s claims. This is the result of many events that have yet to be seen. Ryan tells TV Shows Ace,

“Duane and his team are driven by the pursuit of gold and upholding his promise to General Jeremiah of spreading his message to humanity. I am convinced Duane truly wants the world to understand we are not alone and that there are powerful forces watching over us.”

The story of General Jeremiah and the United Galactic Federation is both interesting and bizarre. However, he is not the only one making this claim. A former Israeli Space Security Chief also claims the United Galactic Federation is real.

What are your thoughts on General Jeremiah and his claims? Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.

Allie Johnson


  1. HAVE STUDIED UFOs etc. for more than 60 years. i.e. with publicly available info.

    My current conviction is that the ‘critters’ are all or near all fallen angels pretending to be ET’s.

    I believe they will be involved in the Biblical GREAT DECEPTION of the end times.

    I don’t think the average citizen is remotely prepared to deal with looming disclosures.

    It’s likely to get interesting.

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