‘Yellowstone’ Fans Speculate Beth’s Death

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The Season 3 Finale of Yellowstone left many fans in tears. Fans witnessed an organized attack on the Dutton family. Kayce is fending off an attack in his office, Beth is the victim of a bombing, and patriarch John Dutton is bleeding on the side of the road before the screen turns black. With the Season 3 Finale airing on August 23, 2020, fans are having to wait nearly one year to find out what is to come of the Dutton family. Rip is on the move and Jamie has most definitely become the villain. Fans have already speculated what will happen to Rip. Now fans are giving their theories of what is to come of Beth.

Kelly Reilly

Beth Dutton is a strong no-nonsense woman. She is confident as well as vicious. Fans watched as Beth spent most of Season 3 with her sights set on businessman Roarke Carter, played by Josh Holloway. Beth is doing whatever she can to destroy the man who is likely behind the attack on the Dutton Family.

Beth Dutton is played by the beautiful and talented Kelly Reilly. Kelly is a British actress who has had a very successful career. She has captured the hearts of many fans during her reign as Beth Dutton. Apart from playing Beth on Yellowstone, Kelly is currently making an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival. She is starring in a film premiering at the festival entitled Eight for Silver. 

Fans have definitely come to love Beth Dutton. However, some fans think we have seen the last of Beth Dutton.

Is Beth Dead?

The last time we saw Beth was in her office. Beth is yelling at her assistant not to open a mysterious package. The windows suddenly blow out in a fiery explosion. Some fans are hopeful of Beth’s survival. One Reddit user seems to think Beth may not have survived.

“I really really want to hope that Beth is not dead, but the fact that the writers sort of accelerated the love story between her and Rip in season 3 seems like a very deliberate choice to make her potential death hurt more/pack more of a punch and like they wanted to give the fans everything they’ve been waiting for (with Rip) before they take it all away. I really hope she isn’t dead because she’s my favorite character- she’s the most layered and complex character to me and without her the only real female energy left on the show/in the family is mopey Monica (ugh). But between that, and because Kelly hasn’t been spotted filming season 4 leave me to believe they really did kill her off.”

Fans Have Hope

Though this would be an interesting storyline, some fans are hopeful. Another user responded to this theory saying,

“I hope they didn’t kill her off either because she is also my favorite. I really don’t think they did though. She may be “hiding out” as far as being spotted filming on purpose to make fans think. She’s too powerful of a character and the strongest female role IMO. It would be a total shame to kill her off, not to mention a huge set of shoes to fill. Like you said, Monic taking over? no thanks.”

What do you think of this theory? Will Beth survive or have we seen her end? Fans will have to wait until June for the Season 4 Premiere of Yellowstone. Until then, be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.

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