‘Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’ Production Team Threatens To Quit!

Production Team Youtube Photo

The new hit Discovery Channel series Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is airing its 5th episode Friday at 10 pm ET. The episode entitled “Trespassers” is sure to be interesting. If you are a fan of the show, tonight’s episode is going to dive deeper into the paranormal occurrences happening on the ranch. For believers, tonight’s episode will be intense.

However, many viewers have accused the show of faking things such as the Spanish coin as well as the petroglyphs found in last week’s episode. Although these accusations may be valid, TV Shows Ace would like to give a different perspective for viewers to think about.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has aired four episodes in its first season. The footage seen in these episodes was most likely shot early on in production. Television networks make their money from ratings. Events in reality television are often exaggerated to make them more exciting.

In the case of the Spanish coin, it is likely that Duane really did find a real Spanish coin. However, it is also likely that it was not caught on camera. Therefore, what viewers saw was most likely a reenactment made to appear like the original find.

Viewers have also criticized the petroglyphs. Some have said that the ones showed in Episode 4 are not even located at “Blind Frog Ranch.” It is understandable for viewers to feel deceived. However, Discovery Channel did not contact Duane Ollinger because they believed in the paranormal. Discovery Channel produced Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch because they believed it would be an interesting show.

From Skeptics To Believers

The producers and production team’s job is to make a good show. It is unlikely that they began filming this series because they were firm believers in the paranormal. It is more likely that they were simply filming a television series. The footage viewers have seen so far was most likely filmed shortly after the production team arrived on the ranch. However, what if things started happening? What if the production team started witnessing firsthand the strange things Duane and his crew have been talking about?

Ryan Skinner

TV Shows Ace recently had the opportunity to interview a close friend of Duane Ollinger. Paranormal expert Ryan Skinner spoke with TV Shows Ace about Duane and the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch. Ryan is a paranormal investigator. His primary focus is the “Skinwalker Ranch”. He has written several books including Skinwalker Ranch: Path of the Skinwalker as well as Skinwalker Ranch The UFO FarmRyan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Eastern New Mexico University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1999. He also created his own website devoted to his research which he has been conducting since 2008.

Exclusive Interview

Ryan tells TV Shows Ace of what recently happened to the production team of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

I recently spoke to Duane over the phone. Something stalked/shookup the production crew so badly that they all in unison threatened to quit and terminate the show. They locked themselves in their cars and refused to come out, threatening to permanently leave the property. This event was apparently substantial and a pivotal point for the cast and crew. So much so that even the producer admitted he did not believe all of this was true until that moment. I imagine it must have been an eye opening experience for them that they were filming much more than an entertaining television show.”

Ryan commented on the validity of Duane’s claim by saying,

“From speaking with Duane, I believe him. I know this was a real event that changed the trajectory of how everyone viewed safety concerning the paranormal aspect of the Blind Frog Ranch.”

Ryan is one of the viewers to point out the discrepancy in the petroglyphs. He says he personally observed the same petroglyphs at a different location. Ryan comments on the footage saying,

“It would be speculation on my part, but yes. I believe they filmed this prior to whatever experience Duane is describing.”

In Conclusion

Once again, what viewers are currently watching on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch was most likely filmed early on in the production. Is it possible we have not yet seen the change this experience made? According to Ryan, his understanding is this experience will eventually be revealed in the series. It is possible that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is going to reveal much more than viewers are expecting. Who knows? Maybe you will become a believer as well.

Be sure to watch Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Friday at 10 pm ET on Discovery and check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.

Allie Johnson


  1. This is soooo fake! if you watch the show there are so many issues that it is easy to see the problems with the show. Just one example: viewers could see that the cavern did not have a flat floor and was NOT in a straight line with the pond opening, why then would you go thru all work to hook up a chain AND THEN COME TO THE REALIZATION THAT BIG BOLDERS HAD TO BE BROKEN UP? Oh, also you would think an effort to see whats “in the box” would be made before trying to drag it out (from pictures shown, this DOESN’T look like a “box” but logs tied together AND it looks like there would be the ability to get into the “box” WITHOUT DRAGGING IT OUT!
    Also, the decision to “drag it out” would be planned better! ….someone is really stupid, or there is NO real planning occurring, or its really fake and producers CANNOT keep their story straight!

    1. I kinda agree, it’s a show fir the stupid, I said it right away why are you dragging the box when you can first see what’s inside of it that’s just common sense, they have to make a show on vulnerable naive folks like us that’s it.

    2. This is a produced “show”, masquerading as real. The Discovery channel and the Learning Channel used to provide interesting, mostly educational material. The people in the shows were readily identifiable as real people, with simple searches.

      Then, everything changed. “Ancient Aliens”, became a hit, and the want to actually provide real documentary, and/or educational programming, was tossed out with proverbial baby. The owners/operators of those channels decided that catering to conspiracy theory rabbit hole divers, would make them more advertising money than programs that are based on actual, provable, vetted science, and history.

      Our country has come to want to believe in the most ridiculous, superstitious, illogical, unproven, and largely made up lies and bullshit. That has permeated into our politics. Programs like this one, Ancient Aliens, Strange Evidence, and the like, are now watched by those true believers, who think these programs are actually telling them some real and truthful. NO, these shows are based on “alternative facts” and conspiracy theory lovers.

      Even the people that try to make excuses for shows like this, like this site, even admit that scenes are likely recreated, some “evidence” is not actually located on the site that the show clearly promotes as being there. This is disingenuous BS too, on this site. If a reenactment is used, then is NEES to be identified as such. Otherwise its’ a lie to present it as real and happening as it is being recorded.

      And this site then uses a “friend” of the ranches owner. This friend is a purveyor of the need to believe, and has written books to promote such nonsense. This site chooses that guy? That guy, to provide some truth? Yeah, ok. He describes some very nondescript event that has the production crew oh so rattled that they “hid” in their cars, then “threatened to quit”. Note that there is absolutely NO details as to what supposedly happened. The who spiel reads like more lies and BS designed to promote the show even more.

      I agree with the things you point out. There is no “box” in the flooded cave. It’s a bunch of logs tied together, seemingly filled with rocks. And the owner’s “genius” idea is to drop chains through a hole, and then pull those chains out through the hole as his son pulls those chains out through that pool opening to the cave. OH really? If his son can so easily take the chains from the “box” and drag them out to the pool, so that they can then “drag the box” out, then why the hell did they bother to drill that hole? Yeah, the “plan” was that they needed that hole so that they could get those chains down there. Oh yeah, why? Cause, those chains can be pulled out to the pool opening, but those same chains couldn’t be dragged to the “box” through that same pool? LOL! Absolute BS. The whole, “need to drill a hole”, episode was created to create more drama and suspense, fooling the true believers that this shit is real.

      And then the gallium metal. The supposed archaeologist, or whatever he claims to be, is so full of crap. Gallium was discovered in 1875, but it existed WELL BEFORE it was discovered. Gallium is an element you idiot. It was not created in 1875. The supposed “scientist” did a whole episode about that mysterious metal inside those rocks, because he was so perplexed and confused by that metal. Yeah, right. A simple 1 minute internet search would have informed that bad actor of what he was likely dealing with. He uses supposed high tech equipment, and runs tests, but can’t really figure out what that material is, well, until he concludes it is gallium. He claims that the Aztecs must have created gallium 300 years before it was “discovered”. But, how can the Aztecs have “made” gallium before it was “discovered”? UH DUH! Oxygen existed weeeeelllll before we humans actual “discovered” it, and what it is. Same goes for the ELEMENT Gallium.

      The only part is that purified gallium, which is what he was likely playing around with, requires an acid in order to extract it from it’s raw form. Humans, yes even the Aztecs, knew of and had acids. Still, the claim that the Aztecs drilled those rocks and put purified gallium in them is creative, I will admit. It makes for very interesting production value…for a FICTIONAL story, not for a program that claims to be a documentary, actually recording things as they happen, with no scripting or staging, or bullshit and lies.

      Programs like that should be required to disclose what they really are, so that the public isn’t fooled into believing all of the crazed conspiracy theory BS that has become widespread. Large numbers of our society have chosen modern mysticism to believe in as being reality. The number of willful stupid has been increasing at a dangerous rate over the past decade. Networks and show like this are cashing in on that stupidity, and at the same time giving more fuel to feed the insanity fire.

      1. I’ve got to agree. Disney has also gotten facts wrong or distorted truth in some of the shows in their History Channel. So not surprising to see a poorly scripted show appear and call itself a reality show.
        How long has Disney put out info to sway people one way or another? Much longer than people realize.

  2. My reply is… if your think the show is so stupid, then why watch it and then bitch about it being fake. If the only thing you can do is to find fault… THEN CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!

    1. Because one needs to first understand something in order to understand it and analyze it. I watched a coupe of episodes, because I wanted to make sure that what I was watching in the first 10 minutes was really as stupid as I knew it was.

      OH yes, I have “changed the channel”. I don’t need the likes of your to state the obvious as you think you’re being so clever and smart with your comment.

      1. I to here in Australia watched the first couple of programs and thought, HUH, and I’m 66yrs old and know little of science etc etc, same for the program Skinwalker Ranch.
        Its become a world of popular so called Reality Shows and I just wish there was one worth watching but, noooooo, nothing yet and I am a believer in UFOs for sure as I dont think we are the only ones in this vast Universe but need more proof sos to speak.
        Meanwhile, I to change the channel and await any Reality Show to be

  3. I too, have wondered about this TV series being authentic. That decision and results to pull the “box” out from it’s location got me to leaning it is fake or staged.

    Also, they play constantly on the idea they are being watched by some secret govt group tries to make us believe something of great importance and scary is going on here.

    I saw the preview for next episode showing they go down the hole and radiation detectors go off and then everyone panicking about getting Duane out…and shows a close up of Duane in Haz Mat suit praying to himself. Announcer also says just 2 episodes left….don’t know if he is meaning to end of current season or the life of the show.

  4. I wondered about the credibility of dragging a wooden box out of a long and twisting, uneven floor. When chad said he was going to chisel off corners and sharp objects with a wind hammer, attach long chains, and drag it out, I was doubtful. The 85 foot drill hole seems daft. Ok they had seismic data telling them there was a cavern in the rock. They get hazmat suits and go down. Its a tunnel, or more likely a mine. The marks on the wall show stuff has been counted. Why did they panic when the gas warning went off ? They had air and were sealed in an airtight suit. If it was a mine, why did they not look for an entrance at the ends of the outcrop ? It started off ok but then started to get ridiculous. Skinwalkers and other strange happenings are just pure comedy and do not help the shows credibility.

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