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Hallmark’s ‘Snowkissed’ Stars ‘Days’ Alum, Jen Lilley & ‘WCTH’ Star, Chris McNally

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Sometimes you find love in the most unexpected and beautiful places, like Banff, Canada. Hallmark’s Snowkissed takes place in this magical Alberta town. Moreover, this final 2021 New Year, New Movies selection stars Days of Our Lives alum, Jen Lilley (USS Christmas) and When Calls The Heart’s own Team Lucas, Chris McNally.

Here is a little more information on this upcoming Hallmark movie.

Hallmark’s Snowkissed Is About Pushing Yourself

Ready to travel to a magical place? Snowkissed promises a spectacular destination, where our leads push themselves to embrace the new, and subsequently be drawn to the most unlikely person.

According to the Hallmark press release, travel writer Kate (Lilley) heads out to beautiful Banff in order to interview her hero, the author of the bestselling book, The Answer. Despite her profession, Kate prefers to bloom where she is planted. That is Manhattan, in the heart of New York City.

When Kate arrives at Lake Louise, where she meets B&B owner, Noah (McNally). Noah loves the big, open world. He enjoys exploring and the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. Noah and Kate clash at every opportunity. He thinks she is stagnant and silly for following the rules from The Answer.

But, from the time they meet, the two are instantly at odds. Why? It is because they have drastically different views on The Answer. Turns out, perhaps Noah has “the answer” that truly makes Jen happy?

The interview is delayed, and Jen suddenly finds herself mentoring Noah. Noah needs to improve his tour guide skills. Jen realizes he has all the skills, only if he acts like himself. Together, they go out and enjoy the beautiful area of Banff. That includes some snowshoeing and going off-road.

Days Of Our Lives Alum Jen Lilley Has Three Words To Describe Snowkissed

Jen Lilley has shared that she has three words to describe her latest Hallmark movie. When speaking on the On Location preview, she said that the three words are, “adventure, comedy and fun.” Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to end New Year, New Movie month?

One thing that Jen Lilley knows in her personal life is that she would consider returning to Days of Our Lives to reprise her role as Theresa. Back in August, when asked, she told Soaps she would welcome a return to Salem.

“I was just thinking of it the other day.” She then revealed that after the spring quarantine, she seriously considered a way to return to Days, even if it was for a short stint. “Man, I heard folks were going back to filming and I wonder if I could do another quick stint? I would love it. That cast and crew I love Days of our Lives.”

As for General Hospital, the actress and advocate shared that she would never return to the ABC soap. She has previously shared that the body shaming and bullying she experienced there was unacceptable.

Besides, Jen is very happy with her Hallmark movies and the adventure that each role brings.

Snowkissed premieres on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, January 30, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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