‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Steffy’s Battle Cry – ‘Nothing Ugly About This Baby’

Bold and the Beautiful - Steffy Forrester - Defends Baby

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Steffy turns her thoughts to another important issue as the paternity test looms in the future. With all the anger already around this pregnancy, this unborn baby is talked about as a problem. However, the baby is a blessing to Steffy and she lashes out to remind everyone inv0lved.

The birth of this baby will change lives. The news of Steffy’s pregnancy already caused anger, pain, along with doing major damage to a marriage. Each time Steffy talks about her baby, it’s not in terms of a blessed event and she’s about to change that.

Bold and the Beautiful – Steffy Forrester Holds Meeting

Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) called everyone involved in this Bold and the Beautiful baby together. Finn (Tanner Novlan), Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) joined Steffy at her house.

Bold and the Beautiful - Steffy -Hope - Liam
Photo: Bold and the Beautiful CBS Screenshot

Besides giving all three of them an update on a future paternity test, she had a warning for them. Earlier that day Steffy saw the doctor and was told she needs to keep her stress level down.

That’s not something she’s been able to do since she found out she’s carrying this baby. The stress is through the roof for her without knowing which of the two men are the father of her unborn child.

B&B: ‘There Is Nothing Ugly About This Baby’

Steffy Forrester doesn’t tiptoe around the subject. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest she goes even further in the future shaming those who don’t accept this baby as a blessing.

This Bold and the Beautiful expecting mom tells the trio in her home that her job is to protect this baby. Not a sound came from Liam or Hope. However, Finn backed her up by agreeing with his B&B girlfriend.

Most of the time Steffy spoke, she seemed to aim her words at Liam. Although she did turn to Finn towards the end of her speech and offered him a heartfelt apology for betraying him.


Her main concern during her Bold and the Beautiful speech is “there is nothing ugly about this baby” and Steffy wants everyone to remember this. No matter who the father turns out to be, her baby will be loved. These words didn’t seem to jar Hope out of her cold look.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan Looks Unimpressed

A body language expert would probably have a field day with all four of these Bold and the Beautiful players in that room. As Steffy spoke the B&B camera panned across the room and showed the facial expressions on Finn, Liam, and Hope.

Lima kept looking at Hope to see her reaction as Steffy spoke. Finn watched and listened to Steffy talk but it was Hope who stole the show with a cold and unimpressed look on her face.

It is understandable that Hope is upset over this. However, it is surprising to see that stone-cold face, which is something Bold and the Beautiful fans seldom see. From the sounds of things, Hope’s facial grimace will probably appear again as the who’s the daddy saga continues on Bold and the Beautiful.

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