‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Will Steffy’s Baby Stress Leads to The Unthinkable?

Bold and the Beautiful Steffy Forrester

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Finn may have the upper hand as Steffy’s baby news and her paternity test request stuns an outsider. Drama needs to play out around this daddy reveal of Steffy’s unborn baby. After all, the last time a baby was born to one of the two Bold and the Beautiful stepsisters, the newborn was kidnapped.

Then the child was sold to the other stepsister in a very costly adoption. Neither of the two women knew the baby was really Hope’s daughter. However, that kind of  B&B drama is going to be hard to beat. But one of the more interesting predictions starts with Liam as the father from the legit paternity test results. However, a change occurs.

Bold and the Beautiful – Finn’s Hospital Comrade?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) won’t realize just how deep Finn’s (Tanner Novlan) feelings go. She also doesn’t know there’s a side of him she’s never seen. B&B spoilers put Finn in a position where he may just get some help in securing his family with Steffy for the future.

Finn and his colleague Dr. Campbell may or not share a friendship at the hospital. However, one B&B prediction calls for Dr. Campbell, Steffy’s doctor, and Finn to be well acquainted.

Bold and the Beautiful Steffy Forrester
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There was no mistaking the surprise on Dr. Campbell’s face when Steffy requested a paternity test. If she is indeed a friend of Finn’s then she will know that the handsome doctor is madly in love with Steffy. This would also explain the shocked look she had.

B&B Predictions – Steffy Forrester Baby’s Father Is Up For Grabs?

Bold and the Beautiful will need to bring on the drama to make this baby plot interesting enough to keep the B&B fans entertained.  So, switching the results of the paternity test from Liam Spencer to Finn would be a good start.

Dr. Campbell’s initial facial expression upon hearing Steffy’s paternity test request was one of shock, But that quickly disappeared and the look of concern took its place. Steffy had been there and done this before so that look could very well come from the doctor’s shock that it’s happening again.

So far Finn comes off as a guy too honest for Bold and the Beautiful fans to switch the test results. But B&B spoilers did promise a dark side of Finn would emerge.

Bold and the Beautiful – Stress Factor

It is easy for Dr. Campbell to see how upset Steffy is over this test. She demands that it gets done immediately. However, she hears a big “no” from her doctor because it’s too soon. The results wouldn’t be conclusive at her stage of pregnancy.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy - Finn
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These latest predictions making headway across the virtual universe would need to stretch the plot to the max. It needs at least one, maybe even two doctors willing to do put their careers in jeopardy.

However, if this does happen, it wouldn’t be the first time Bold and the Beautiful stretched a baby plot this far. Dr. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) put his entire life on the line kidnapping and selling Hope’s baby.

B&B Predictions – Inside Job With a Twist Or Two?

A few B&B predictions include inside job plots. They include either Finn alone changing the results of the paternity test or the doc getting some help. By the time the paternity test results come back, Dr. Campbell will most likely know that Steffy is praying the baby is Finn’s.


Steffy already set the stage for the Bold and the Beautiful fans that her doctor is concerned over her stress level. In the video above, Steffy gives Liam, Hope, and Finn the speech on taking care of her unborn baby by avoiding stress.

The CBS soap may be building up to something. They usually plant a seed early on that later falls into place with the plot. Steffy’s stress speech might be one of those seeds.

Bold and the Beautiful predictions include one where Dr. Campbell changes the paternity test results. If she knows Steffy and Finn want nothing more than the baby to be Finns, it might be tempting for her to do.

If she is a friend of Finn’s, there’d be a bit more temptation. However, if she sees the unborn baby’s life in danger from Steffy’s stress level this might be more than a temptation. Just maybe Dr. Campbell will do the unthinkable.

Dr. Campbell could rationalize a paternity test switch as a life-saving move. She may or may not do this with Finn’s knowledge. It seems Steffy’s doctor found her way into a few predictions online today. These predictions seem to stretch the limits. However, if it does materialize, it certainly won’t be the first time Bold and the Beautiful stepped outside the boundaries of a safe plot.

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