‘Sister Wives’: See Latest Photos Of Mykelti Brown’s Baby Bump

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Because Mykelti Brown and her husband Tony Padron are not very active on social media, fans don’t get to see many baby bump photos. In fact, it was five weeks ago that Mykelti last showed off her baby bump. And it wasn’t even a good picture. Mostly because the point of the post wasn’t to flaunt her baby bump. It was to flaunt her anniversary and relationship with her husband.

Finally, Sister Wives fans get to see fresh photos of Mykelti Brown’s baby bump

Now, Christine Brown treated her Instagram followers to some news today. Mykelti Brown and her husband Tony Padron celebrated their baby girl via a baby shower. The baby shower was book themed. And, Christine crafted a gorgeous diaper tree. It was those who swiped over on the Instagram post, however, that got to see the real gem. A glowing pregnant Mykelti Brown. And, a growing baby bump!

A glowing Mykelti Brown is featured in pictures two and three. In one photo, she is standing next to her mother and a couple of her siblings. The amount of weight her mother has lost is extremely noticeable as she stands next to her daughter’s growing baby bump.

See the photos of Mykelti Brown’s growing baby bump below.

Baby Bump Photo #1 

Christine Brown Instagram

The second photo featured Mykelti Brown and her husband Tony Padron standing beside Christine. Mykelti and her mother were glowing with joy. Thrilled they would not be waiting much longer for this new bundle of joy.

Baby Bump Photo #2

Christine Brown Instagram

Sister Wives star looks stunning as she nears due date

Mykelti Brown and her husband Tony Padron broke the news of their pregnancy in September of last year. We know they are having a baby girl. And, we know the baby girl is expected in just a few months in March of 2021. This is their first child together and Mykelti was elated to find out the gender was a girl. She admitted she just felt like she was carrying a girl up until they learned the gender.

Season 15 of Sister Wives is coming soon

We know that Sister Wives Season 15 premieres on February 14th, 2021. Fans expect to follow Mykelti Brown and her husband Tony Padron’s pregnancy during the season. This could be the reason the duo have not been very active on social media. It is possible they are under a contract that doesn’t allow them to share details of their birth. Given the timing, fans hope to see the baby during Season 15. But, only time will tell.

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