Elizabeth Vargas Asks If Braunwyn & Sean Burke Should Live Separately

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Elizabeth Vargas has questions about Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Sean Burke. Sean makes an appearance during part two of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 15 reunion. Last week’s episode showed the cast members going after Braunwyn. She even got into it with Elizabeth, who called her the “worst lesbian ever.”

It seems like the two haven’t moved on from their feud. Elizabeth continues to address Braunwyn’s personal life on social media. Most of her posts are about the RHOC Season 15 reunion. Other posts are about what Braunwyn says about her “modern marriage.”

Elizabeth ponders if the couple should continue to live together.

Elizabeth Vargas poses an interesting question

On Saturday, January 23, Elizabeth Vargas shared a clip from the next part of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 15 reunion. The video shows Braunwyn and Sean Burke discussing their marital problems. Shannon Beador called out Braunwyn for traveling instead of being home with her children.

But Sean defended his wife. He claims that Braunwyn is home a lot. She just chooses not to post about it. Then, host Andy Cohen asks the couple about their future. Braunwyn says she hopes they can find a way to be happy together. They want to remain living together as co-parents. As for Sean, he wants a “decent structure” that’s healthy enough for their seven children.

In the caption, Elizabeth wrote that she wanted the fans’ input. “I would like to hear your thoughts on Sean’s decision to let Braunwyn stay in his house to ‘Co-Parent’?” Elizabeth asked. “Or.. Should they separate their living situation….. She gets a job…. and they take care of their children separately and equally…oh…& split the nannies?”

The RHOC newbie added that she’s “only asking because they are asking by posting.”

[Credit: Elizabeth Vargas/Instagram]
[Credit: Elizabeth Vargas/Instagram]

RHOC fans share their thoughts

Over 35,000 fans viewed the post. Elizabeth Vargas brought up an interesting debate in the comments section. Some RHOC fans think it’s okay for the couple to work on their “modern marriage.” Meanwhile, others feel that the situation would be hard on their kids.

“I worry that for now, it’s better for the parents (although I don’t think it’s healthy for the kids at all), but eventually he’s going to want a companion or lover of his own, and then what?” one fan asked. “She’s proven several times that it’s about what she wants and what’s good for her and she doesn’t necessarily care about his wants or needs.”

“She should get her own place if she doesn’t want to be married anymore,” a second user chimed in.

“She has her cake and is eating it too!” a third fan commented. “But if this works for their family then so be it I guess it’s not something I could do… my main concern is how it’s or will be affecting the kids.”

Is it any of Elizabeth’s business?

As previously stated, Elizabeth Vargas has been posting a lot about Braunwyn lately. Some fans think she’s borderline obsessed. “I LOVE you and appreciate your straight-forward approach, but this is getting a little obsessive,” one fan added.

“Not to be rude but I think it’s none of our business what others do,” another wrote.

“Why do you care what they do? Nobody’s business but theirs,” another user said.

One fan defended Braunwyn and asked Elizabeth why she’s so concerned about their marriage. But all of them are on a reality show. So, their lives are going to be talked about no matter what. Fans will ask this same question even if Elizabeth doesn’t mention it.

What do you think? Do you think it’s Elizabeth’s business as to what Braunwyn and Sean do with their marriage and family life? Sound off below in the comments.

Part two of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 15 airs Wednesday, January 28 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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