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‘Teen Mom 2’: Javi Marroquin, Kailyn Lowry, & Lauren Comeau Cheating Drama Breakdown

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Drama surrounding Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin, and Lauren Comeau has been swirling for a while. The names of all three individuals continue to make headlines. Wondering what is going on? So, were we. So, we did a little digging. And, here’s our breakdown on their current drama.

Wait, who is Lauren Comeau?

Lauren Comeau is a bit of a fresh face in the Teen Mom franchise. Now, she isn’t technically a member of the cast. But, she kicked off a relationship with Javi Marroquin back in 2018. Javi and Lauren had a child together shortly after going public with their relationship.

According to TVOverMind, the duo had a bit of a rocky relationship. For starters, Javi Marroquin was accused of not being faithful to her. This was true even near the birth of their son. Likewise, Lauren wanted nothing to do with the Teen Mom franchise. This painted an obvious issue for Javi. As his son and his baby mama Kailyn Lowry have been with the MTV franchise for a very long time. So, even if Lauren Comeau avoided being on the show… She was not going to avoid being in the spotlight as far as fans were concerned. (After all, we all know Teen Mom fans are not good at respecting privacy or boundaries of the cast).

Fans also know Kailyn Lowry and Lauren do not get along. Kailyn and Javi were married for five years. From 2012 to 2017. They have one child together. Their relationship did not end well. And the drama spilled over into his relationship with Lauren. So, this created a lot of tension between Lauren and Kailyn.

Drama: Did Kailyn Lowry cause Javi Marroquin’s relationship to end?

News recently broke that Javi and Lauren are no longer together. Multiple outlets have now confirmed the split to be true. Kailyn Lowry was harboring the blame for the breakup. Lauren Comeau insisted Javi cheated on her with his former flame (Kailyn). Javi, however, is speaking out now. According to an exclusive by InTouch Weekly, Kailyn’s ex-husband insists Lauren’s accusations are far from true.

While I have tried to avoid a he said/she said situation [by] staying quiet, the accusations Lauren made against me this afternoon on Instagram are false. My only focus right now is creating healthy coparenting relationships with both Lauren and Kail for the sake of my boys and bettering myself.”

Javi admits he has tried to steer clear of the drama. Because he isn’t interested in stirring the part. He, however, won’t stand for Lauren saying things that simply aren’t true. He insists he didn’t cheat on her with Kailyn Lowry.

Lauren accused Javi of cheating with Kailyn in an Instagram Live video

Lauren Comeau made shocking claims against Javi Marroquin during an Instagram Live video. Unfortunately, the video has since been deleted. But, not before multiple outlets quoted what she had to say. Lauren might have learned the hard way once you put something on the internet… It isn’t not going to just go away. Especially with Teen Mom 2 fans watching.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Kailyn Lowry Claims Javi Marroquin Cheated On His Fiancé During Her Pregnancy

“I have dealt with my fair share of betrayal and pain my whole life, but what I learned today, what I found out today — from the kids none the less — just makes me feel like the last three years, they’ve just been waiting for this to happen.” Lauren explained as she wiped tears away from her face.

I’ve always known people have been against me and Javi, people have wanted to see us break up our whole relationship and now that it’s finally here, it’s just like, where did those three years go? People can move on with their life, their relationship gets better and I’m just here to pick up the pieces with my kid, stuck here with no family or friends. So if anyone sees Javi driving around in a black Suburban, you’ll know why I’m crying today.”

She continued: “The night I found out along with the whole world, we were gonna put a deposit down on the house the very next day. I’m never gonna air dirty laundry on the internet. My mama raised me better than that. I do think I deserve to come on here and show some real f–king pain. I’m just here to pick up the pieces with my kid, stuck here with no family or friends.”

Teen Mom 2 drama: What happens now?

Javi Marroquin will have to figure out how to navigate the drama between Kailyn Lowry and Lauren Comeau. He, however, has made it clear he wants to move past the he said/she said situation. He wants to focus on doing what his best for his children.


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Truthfully, we’ll probably never know for sure whether Javi cheated on Lauren with Kailyn for sure. But, we can hope the trio continues to do right by their children. Likewise, maybe they’ll all be with someone they can trust one day.

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