‘Sad’ Danielle Busby Barred From Watching Parker & Hazel’s Dance Class

Danielle Busby Instagram

An emotional Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered reveals she isn’t allowed to watch Parker and Hazel during dance class. The TLC personality took to her Instagram Stories to update on dance class. And, her eyes seemed to gloss over with emotion as she shared with her followers.

Danielle Busby not allowed to watch Parker and Hazel

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change how people do things. And, it has left Danielle Busby feeling a little sad. Yesterday was Hazel and Parker’s first day of dance school. Unfortunately, Danielle Busby wasn’t allowed to watch her two beautiful girls as they attended.

Sitting in her vehicle in the parking lot, she explained COVID-19 was to play. The dance studio had to put some extra safety precautions in place. These precautions include not allowing parents inside of the dance studio. So, Danielle decided to take to her Instagram Stories from the parking lot.

Just two quints decide to tango

Now, all of the quints were offered the opportunity to dance. The previous day was a trial. A day for each of the quints to see what dancing was all about. Danielle explains it was an opportunity for each quint to decide if they wanted to take dance class. Turns out, only Hazel and Parker made the decision to continue with dance class.

At the start of Danielle’s Instagram Stories she reveals this class is more than a ballet class. They would also learn to tap dance. So, she had to take the girls to a special store to get them some tap shoes. The OutDaughtered mom jested that Parker loved the store a little too much. And, wanted one of everything. Hazel was also a bit enamored by the pretty things inside of the store.

Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

Both girls were all smiles in a photo of them rocking their new tap shoes. They certainly look ready to dance.

So, what did she do from the car?

A little over 24 hours ago, Danielle encouraged her followers to ask her questions. She said she would answer some questions via her Instagram Stories. While waiting in the parking lot, she said she was going to go through the questions. And, work on preparing her answers for them.

Danielle Busby admits waiting for Hazel and Parker from the parking lot made her a bit anxious. She did not like having to wait to see what they learn. Or, perhaps, if they did not learn anything at all.

Danielle Busby Instagram Danielle Busby Instagram

Here’s hoping the quints had a nice time at dance class. Even if they did not allow Danielle Busby inside. Share your thoughts with us and keep coming back for the latest Busby related news.

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