‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Steffy Chooses Words Carefully With Finn

Bold and the Beautiful - Finn and Steffy Forrester

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Steffy will see a darker side of Finn than the one that’s on the CBS soap today. Suddenly it looks as if he’s ready to lay down some rules as he chats with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) on Monday’s B&B.

Bold and the Beautiful – Steffy Forrester A Tad Aggravated?

So far fans witnessed a more aggressive Finn (Tanner Novlan) last week when he went head to head with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). What he told Liam then, he repeated to Steffy on Monday’s episode of Bold and the Beautiful.

While she listened intently, her comeback sounded as if it was full of carefully chosen words. It appeared it didn’t cut it for Steffy when Finn put this all on Liam. He told his pregnant girlfriend how he told Liam that things will change if this baby is his.

Finn Puts The Blame On Liam Spencer

The good doctor also shot off the same accusations that he slammed into Liam. He made sure hisĀ  Bold and the Beautiful pregnant girlfriend heard how he put all the blame on Liam.

But Steffy didn’t leave it alone. No, she told Finn that she believes they both had to shoulder the blame for this. She said was as much at fault as Liam.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy - Finn

While the B&B doc seemed to make a good case, Steffy stuck up for the man who’s been in her life for many years. But that wasn’t the only thing to come out of that Bold and the Beautiful conversation.

Bold and the Beautiful – Carefully Spoken Words

Steffy Forrester seemed to tread lightly during this Bold and the Beautiful couple’s conversation. It was more what she didn’t say that seems to raise a red flag. It seems Finn’s own words rang true when he said Steffy held on to the thought of making a family with Liam someday.

Steffy didn’t tell Finn she no longer loves Liam in the way she once did. She did tell Finn that she loved him but she didn’t add what you might expect. After everything that happened you might expect her to say she loves him more than anyone else, including Liam. But… she didn’t.


It seemed as if Steffy couldn’t bring herself to put Finn ahead of Liam in words. She hopes they can still plan that future together, she said to this Bold and the Beautiful doctor. But she didn’t say Finn is the only one for her when thinking about the future.

B&B – Back Burner for Liam?

While Finn seems to be ready to put Liam on the B&B back burner for Steffy, it doesn’t appear that she’s happy about that. She even sounded just a tiny bit indignant when Finn first told her that he had a talk with Liam. Almost as if Finn overstepped his boundaries.

Is this a hint of things to come on Bold and the Beautiful this week? It appears Steffy is already a bit disenchanted that Finn said what he did to Liam. While Steffy sounds like she’s ready to move on from Liam as a love interest. But it doesn’t sound like she’s ready to do the work to get that done.

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