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Julie Chrisley’s Birthday Revealed By Family, Well Wishes Follow

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For some reason, a lot of mystery surrounded the birthday of Julie Chrisley. As we previously reported, neither Google (nor any other outlet for that matter) seemed to know when her birthday was. Many reported it to be January 9th of 1973. Alas, January 9th came and went. Not a single family wished Julie well on her assumed special day.

Chase boogered up birthday tribute, Savannah trolled him

Fans of the reality TV family love Savannah and Chase Chrisley. They are the spitting images of their parents. They support and love each other when it comes. Likewise, however, they playfully feud like siblings normally do. Now, we reported Chase wished his mother happy birthday last week. Fans quickly joined Chase. Savannah, however, decided to troll her brother instead. Why? Well, because it was NOT his mother’s birthday. Savannah told him it was a “good try.” However, it definitely was not their mother’s birthday.

Weird mystery?

As we mentioned previously, the exact day Julie Chrisley came into the world eluded a lot of media outlets. And, now, we can confirm a lot of sources had the date wrong. Why? Well, because the Chrisley family revealed yesterday was Julie’s birthday. Nearly every member of her family took the time to pay tribute to her. This included the account dedicated to the show. Now, we cannot help but wonder why a mystery surrounded it to begin with.

Chase Chrisley Wishes Julie Happy Birthday, Only One Small Problem

Well wishes for Julie Chrisley from family come out

Todd, Savannah, Chase, and even Kyle all took the time to wish Julie Chrisley a happy birthday. Likewise, so did the official account for the show. With so many different well wishes going up… Fans had plenty of places to go to say their own wishes to Julie. And, as we’ve mentioned a few times, she’s a well loved member of this family. So, fans were happy to pay tribute to this beautiful woman. Here’s some of what fans had to say to her.

  • “Happy Birthday Julie, you do a great job being the cement that Keeps Todd and your family sane and United.”
  • “She’s so beautiful! And you made beautiful children together. Good pick Todd.”
  • “Your family series is the breath of fresh air our family counts on during this pandemic—honestly, your show makes us laugh and happy…we just watched the episode where 2 year old Chloe, kicked you [Chase] and Savannah’s butt-being ornery- and you [Chase] were gagging over that duck your Mom cooked for her blog—I cry laughed! So funny! Happy birthday to your [Chase’s] sweet Mama.”

The USA Network pens: “Happy birthday, @juliechrisley! If we could, we’d bake you every type of birthday cake out there.”


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So, it turns out Julie Chrisley’s birthday is not on January 9th. Her birthday is January 12, 1973. We may never learn why there was mystery around her special day. But, we are happy to finally have the information sorted out.

Happy birthday, Julie Chrisley!

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