’90 Day Fiance’: David and Annie Ripped Apart By Fans Today

90 Day Fiance - David - Annie

90 Day Fiance fan favorites David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan find they’re not in the good graces of their fans today after a recent promo. These two were the target of fans’ anger back when they first came onto the 90 Day Fiance circuit. They showed up for Season 5 and became an immediate source of curiosity and scorn due to their age differences.

90 Day Fiance: David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan Mend Fences

The fans didn’t fancy the 24-year age gap between the two. This 90 Day Fiance couple was also accused of having a hidden agenda back in the beginning as well. But things changed. David and Annie started to build a more adoring fan base with their spinoff, Pillow Talk.

In fact, many of the 90 Day Fiance fans think this couple is the foundation of this show. They became extremely likable once it was obvious these two came to the show with love and their future in mind. No hidden agenda of fame here, although like all reality celebs, becoming a household name does go to their heads at times.

90 Day Fiance - Annie - David

So, now that Annie and her much older hubby won over the fans, what happened to put them in the hot seat today? It looks like this anger has to do with this May-December duo promoting a new streaming option for viewers.

Resumes Keep Growing

Besides 90 Day Fiance and the Pillow Talk spinoff, it looks like Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky stay pretty busy. The couple host a cooking show, which is another spinoff of 90 Day Fiancé. It’s called Spice It Up with David & Annie. Fans also got to watch the couple on another TLC series as well, called Strikes Back.

This duo that settled down together in Arizona seems to have a real fascination with food. They also don’t appear to sit still for long. Annie and her hubby also have behind the scene gigs going on. The couple offers cooking lessons, they also wear the hats of tour guides. Yes, they offer tours around their area.

So, they have a lot going on when not on one of the many TLC reality shows. In 2020 David and Annie were the top-earning 90 Day Fiance cast members for Cameo. And… in their spare time, drum roll please… they marry people. Yes, that’s right, David and Annie also officiate marriages.

90 Day Fiance: Rubbing Fans The Wrong Way Today?

The Discovery Channel launched discovery+, where you can watch tons of different shows from the Discovery family of channels, including TLC.  But it seems David and his wife Annie are featured in three of the shows offered by discovery+. So, when fans saw this 90 Day Fiance husband and wife promote this new streaming option, fans got angry. That’s because this isn’t a free offering.

Die-hard 90 Day Fiance fans put the series on top of the list for popular TV shows. Now, these same loyal fans are expected to pay to watch this. Many of the TLC viewers aren’t happy campers at all today with the channel charging a fee to watch their favorite reality characters. These characters include Annie and David. So, the fans seem to focus their anger over this on the couple.

David tried to appease the irate fans by suggesting they try the 7-day free trial. But this didn’t do much towards calming things down. It looks like this is a case of enough is enough. The viewers believe 90 Day Fiance and all the spinoffs should remain free to view.

Even if fans see new things from this channel, viewers aren’t too keen on paying to watch the show that they put on top. Fans remind both this couple and the show’s creators that it’s the fans that made 90 Day Fiance popular by tuning in each week. But… they can just as easily not tune in. Annie and David are just two out of the hundreds of stars seen on this new streaming venue. But it looks as if viewers focus on these two today because they’re promoting it.

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