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‘Julie And The Phantoms’ Madison Reyes Breaks One Million IG Followers

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Madison Reyes of Julie and the Phantoms broke one million followers on Instagram this weekend. Being just 16 years old, this is a huge accomplishment for the young Netflix actress.

Julie And The Phantoms launched the career of Madison Reyes

Whether Madison Reyes wants to pursue a career in acting, singing, or both… She can. Thanks to her leading role in the Netflix Original Series Julie and the Phantoms. The series dropped into the Netflix library back in September. And, it has been all Netflix subscribers can talk about ever since.

Owen Joyner, one of her co-stars, also has Netflix to thank for his shattering 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Those familiar with the show know he plays one of Julie’s three phantoms. Alex.

The series also created a name for Canadian actor Charlie Gillespie. Charlie currently has an Instagram following of 1.5 million followers. Charlie stepped into the role of Luke. He is Julie’s potential love interest in the series. There, however, are a few hurdles with this matchup. For starters, Luke is dead. There is also the legally issue of the actor (Charlie) being significantly older than Madison.

‘Julie And The Phantoms’: Julie & Luke Can’t Share A Kiss Yet, Here’s Why

Last but certainly not least is Jeremy ShadaHe plays the role of Reggie in the series. He currently has a following of 1.1 million. Julie and the Phantoms fans hope a Season 2 will allow them to get to know this character a little better.

What about the Julie and the Phantoms account?

The official account for the show doesn’t have nearly as many followers as Charlie does. But, it is catching up to Madison Reyes. With so many hoaxes going around about release dates and premiere days for Season 2… Following the official account is a great way to make sure you get accurate information.

Currently, fans are getting a little antsy. Netflix has yet to confirm a second season. There, however, is a release date for Season 2 swirling around. Many suspect Season 2 will drop into the Netflix library in September of 2021. This release date makes sense because Season 1 was dropped last September. That being said, production of season 2 has yet to begin. Cast members have said nothing about Season 2 happening.

So, if we have any hopes of seeing a Season 2 this year… We are going to need to see confirmation the series will actually be renewed first.

Still, we remain hopeful as this series has a huge following. The real question is, do you think Netflix will renew Julie and the Phantoms. Likewise, are you surprised Madison Reyes now has one million followers?

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