‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Liam Hit Hard By Hope’s Unforgiving Heart

Bold and the Beautiful - Liam Spencer Confesses to Hope Logan

Bold and the Beautiful brings an irate Hope Logan to the screen after Liam Spencer tells her about his one-night “mistake” this week. Apparently, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) doesn’t know his wife like he thought he did. Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) has a big heart, which is just what Liam told Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) recently on B&B.

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Spencer Boasts About Hope Logan’s Big Heart

Last week B&B showed Liam as he convinced himself that his wife would forgive him. Liam painted Hope Logan as an earthbound saint when hashing things over with Steffy. He offered a verbal picture of Hope’s behavior for Steffy. He imagined how she’d respond when he tells her the truth.

This Bold and the Beautiful wayward husband sounds like he believes Hope will take out her magic eraser and things will be forgotten. Sure, he realizes she’ll be hurt at first but then he imagines her heart will take over and love will bloom once again.

For some reason, Liam puts Hope’s response on the same level as if he came home with a dent in his car. It doesn’t seem as if he’s being very realistic to the magnitude of what he’s done.

Bold and the Beautiful - Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester Hash Out Telling The Truth

Steffy Forrester knows Liam spins a fantasy. If he thinks Hope Logan will welcome him back with open arms after shedding just a few tears, the Bold and the Beautiful father-of-two is sadly mistaken.

B&B: Love Story Comes to Screeching Halt

Liam Spencer looks like a little boy telling his mother he broke a window in his confession scene. Hope’s facial features slowly go from worried to fury as he stumbles on his words.

Before he tells Hope Logan what he did, he tells her how she must look at this. Then he tells his B&B wife just how she needs to react. This doesn’t go over well as Hope gets more and more agitated at all Liam’s directions.


Steffy Forrester told Liam that the truth will ruin a lot of people’s lives. This was her main objection to coming clean with both Hope Logan and Dr. John Finnegan “Finn” (Tanner Novlan).

Bold and the Beautiful: Drastic Changes On The Way

In the video above Steffy Forrester calls it – this child changes everything. It’s like Bold and the Beautiful gave itself a clean canvas to work with.

It looks like Hope and Finn just might be a couple of free agents soon. So maybe this time around Steffy and Liam find themselves stuck with one another as the loves of their lives walk off together into the B&B sunset.

But this baby might not belong to Liam, it’s possible Finn is the father. So what then? Steffy tried to get Liam to wait on telling Hope until they learned the paternity of the baby.

But, as you see in the video spoiler for this week, it cuts off just as Liam is about to tell Hope. If the baby is Finns, well… this storyline can go anywhere from here. It looks like Bold and the Beautiful viewers learn one thing this week, Liam puts way too much stock in Hope’s big heart when it comes to forgiveness this time around.

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