‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers For Jan 4: Steffy Forrester’s Sad Awakening

Bold and the Beautiful - Steffy Forrester

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of January 4 hint at sadness for Steffy Forrester and embarrassment for Thomas Forrester. It seems Steffy Forrester  (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is stunned over Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) odd reaction to her pregnancy this coming week.

Liam’s rival, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), can’t shake the shame and embarrassment after finding out what Liam witnessed. This B&B sister and brother duo both work through shocking reveals next week.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For Monday, January 4:

Thomas Forrester doesn’t have the entire picture of what he looked like before collapsed and was shuffled off to surgery. So, when he learns what he did he’s more than a bit embarrassed. Especially when he finds out who witnessed his behavior, he’s mortified on Monday’s B&B episode.

It seems his love-making to the dummy was terrible enough for Thomas to hear. But then he learns that Liam witnessed this kissing fest with a look-alike-dummy of his wife. This sends him over the top in shame.

B&B Spoilers For Tuesday, January 5:

Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) is all about family, as is the Forrester tribe. So why would he think that Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) wouldn’t want her sister at Forrester Creations?

While Zoe demands Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) decline the offer, this demand might just put her relationship with Carter in jeopardy, hints B&B spoilers.

Paris makes her decision and Carter doesn’t take this well. This just might be the start of the Zoe-Carter demise on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful - Liam Spencer - Steffy Forrester

Steffy hears what Liam’s saying about his guilt prompting him to tell Hope. But some of the words seem to suggest something’s changed between Steffy and the father of her daughter.

As he crumbles over the guilt, he continues to build-up his wife as someone all-forgiving. Liam seems more concerned about how Hope will take the truth than he is about Steffy’s pregnancy. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest this is a rather sad awakening for Steffy Forrester.

Steffy knows Liam’s put too much stock in getting that get out of jail card from Hope. So she continues to run defense, keeping Liam from spouting out the words that will ruin many lives, so say the B&B spoilers.

As he gets closer to telling the truth to Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), Steffy makes a change in the game to keep him quiet a bit longer.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For Wednesday, January 6:

It looks as if the cat and mouse game between Steffy and Liam is about to end. She can’t keep chasing him down to keep him quiet. Liam is losing it and now Steffy’s feeling the stress of attempting to keep him mum about their one night of passion.

Steffy understands that their night of passion was committed under false pretenses on Liam’s part. He thought Hope was with Thomas. But she still loves her ex and believes he still loves her. This is just the way Steffy thought it would always be.

With Liam referring to their deed as a mistake and calling himself an idiot for letting it happen, it weighs on Steffy. This is not the Liam she remembers who couldn’t decide between two women he loved.

Clearly, Liam’s decision is Hope and there’s no swaying from that. This adds a note of sadness for Steffy who realizes they don’t have a lot between them anymore except for Kelly.

Bold and the Beautiful - Liam Spencer - Hope Logan

Liam unravels even more over betraying Hope. Now Steffy starts to feel a bit uncomfortable not telling Dr. John Finnegan “Finn” (Tanner Novlan). Together the cheating duo makes a decision. But this decision will likely change their family dynamics in the future.

Thomas approaches Hope with an apology that sounds genuine to the fair-haired maiden. This might have something to do with who Hope turns to as Liam implodes her world telling her about his night with Steffy, hint the B&B spoilers.

B&B Spoilers For Thursday, January 7:

While Paris is ready to go after the ousting she got from her sister Zoe, another player pops in to keep her in town. Zende Forrester (Delon De Metz) tries to stop Paris from leaving. But the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that he may be too late.

Spoilers also suggest there’s a love interest blooming for Zende when it comes to Paris. But fans already see this and it’s just too easy for B&B. It needs a twist.

Maybe Paris does fall for this Forrester relative. But no one seems more impressed with her than Carter. But he’s with Zoe – right?


Are you ready for Liam to spill his guts to Hope? Well, this begins on Thursday. But when he starts looking like he’s ready to launch his engine stalls. Will he get it started again?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For Friday, January 8:

Steffy Forrester doesn’t stumble on her words like her ex. Today’s the day she plans to tell Finn about her night with Liam, according to the B&B spoilers. But Finn starts painting a picture of their future together.

This might not be the time to deflate those dreams he shares with Steffy. So this very well could be one of Friday’s cliffhangers.

Liam still believes Hope’s heart is as big as the all outdoors. So a quick confession with the circumstances highlighted is Liam’s plan. Whether Hope has a big heart really isn’t the problem.

How many times will she put up with her waffling husband and his bed-hopping between the stepsisters? Steffy’s convinced that it’s Hope Liam loves. But will Hope believe this once he tells her he slept with Steffy? This is yet another Friday cliffhanger from the Bold and the Beautiful.

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