Lindsie Chrisley Dotes On Connecting With Husband, Will Campbell

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Lindsie Chrisley’s most recent Instagram post featured herself and her husband, Will Campbell. She doted on spending time snuggling with him. Likewise, she asked her fans how they managed to stay connected to their significant others.

Lindsie Chrisley talks connecting to significant other

After doting about spending some time snuggling with her husband Will… Lindsie Chrisley turned to her followers. She wanted to know how they connected to their significant others.

Snuggling with this guy. How do you find time to connect with your significant other? Between parenting Jackson & both of us working full time — it is so hard to find time for us to connect.⁣⁣⁣”

Lindsie Chrisley recognizes it is hard for working parents to find time to connect. But, it is an important activity to find time for. The post, however, wasn’t just a sweet post about spending time with her husband. It was a promotion. A promotion of a game/application.

The black sheep of the Chrisley family pushes a gaming app.

“If you listen to the podcast, you know Will has always loved @wordswithfriends & now I’m hooked too. It is a FREE app & allows you to play together while you’re physically apart. It’s a nice way to stay connected throughout the day & it’s nice to challenge your brain too.⁣⁣⁣” Lindsie pens as her post takes a bit of an unexpected tangent.

She, however, wrapped back to her point. She explained the game was a way for her and her husband to connect.

In this picture you will see me asking Will to help me come up with a bomb word to defeat someone I don’t even know. When Will & I are playing against each other we are very competitive & both want to win. We have a competition going that whoever completes the Warm Wishes Rewards Pass, doesn’t have to clean the kitchen for a week. That would be a nice little break & I’m hoping it’s me, but Will is VERY good at this game. Who’s your money on?⁣⁣⁣”

Turns out, she and her husband made a competition out of the game. Whoever wins will have to handle kitchen duty for a week. Lindsie Chrisley admits she hopes she’s able to win. But, her husband has been playing the game longer. Likewise, he’s very good at it.

Lindsie concluded her post asking her followers to check out the game. So, it is safe to assume she and her husband are a sponsor for it.

What did fans think of the promotional twist?

Turns out, most of Lindsie Chrisley’s followers already play the game. Some admit they removed the game because of how addicted they were. But, they consider redownloading it now.

One sad follower revealed they haven’t connected with their husband in a few weeks because of COVID-19. Overall, however, most didn’t seem to mind the promotional post. After all, you can download and play the game without spending any money.

How do you connect with your significant other? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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