Did Hannah Ferrier Reveal She Would Return To ‘Below Deck Med’?

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Did Hannah Ferrier reveal that she would return to Below Deck Med? As fans know, Captain Sandy Yawn fired her during Season 5. The chief stew had unregistered Valium and a CBD pen on board. Bosun Malia White turned Hannah in after they argued over room arrangements.

Even if it was wrong, Hannah’s firing was iconic. She even uttered the words, “Can I have my Valium back, please?” Since then, she hasn’t looked back. Hannah gave birth to her first baby and got engaged. And she’s birthed two new projects since then.

The former yachtie is happy with life on land. But would she return to the show?

Hannah Ferrier saying “Yes, please” to this crew

The former crew member seems to be on board with this idea. On Monday, December 21, a Below Deck Med fan account shared its “dream team.” The lineup includes Captain Lee Rosbach steering the yacht, along with bosun Eddie Lucas in charge of the exterior. Bobby Giancola would reprise his role as a deckhand, while Connie Arias was suggested a deckhand as well.

Hannah’s interior would include Josiah Carter and Aesha Scott. Chef Rachel Hargrove would work as the crew’s chef. Hannah previously expressed a desire to work with Chef Rachel earlier this month.

“What I would have given to work with Rachel,” Hannah tweeted. “Seriously – I put in 4 seasons and get a chef that microwaves steaks and Francesca is a newbie and gets the best chef in the history of the Below Deck franchise…?! Doesn’t seem fair…”

But Hannah liked this recent tweet and responded: “Yes, please.” The fan included both Hannah and former deckhand Bobby Giancola. The two had a difficult relationship, but she seems okay with working with him again.

Bobby and Hannah could be explosive together

As fans remember, they had an explosive fight during Season 2 of Below Deck Med. Bobby believed that Hannah Ferrier pitted stew, Lauren Cohen, against him. Lauren previously met Bobby before working on the boat and briefly dated him.

“The argument stemmed from Bobby believing I had dissed him to Lauren [Cohen] in New York – when I hadn’t,” Hannah told Bravo’s The Daily Dish in 2017. “He didn’t have the decency to approach me and discuss it. Instead, he waited, and when Malia made a joke with him, he lost his cool and started an argument with me. At the time, I genuinely had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.”

Bobby retaliated by calling Hannah an “alcoholic,” which she brushed off as immaturity. She then confirmed they wouldn’t have a friendship after filming wrapped. “We don’t talk and won’t be moving forward,” she added.

How did the former Bravo star celebrate Christmas?

The Below Deck Med alum celebrated her first Christmas with her newborn daughter, Ava Grace Roberts. Hannah Ferrier and fiance Josh welcomed their first child together in October. She took to Instagram to share a sneak peek at their family celebration in Sydney, Australia. On Thursday, December 24, she held her baby as she flashed a big smile at the camera.

“Merry Christmas to all of you amazing people,” Hannah wrote in the caption.

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Several of Hannah’s former castmates commented on the adorable post. “My gorgeous girls! All I want for Christmas is you,” Anastasia Surmava commented. Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran added: “Merry Christmas Hannah, I hope you are having an amazing time with your family.” While Hannah teased a possible return, she seems content as a first-time mom.

Who’s your dream team? Sound off below.

Below Deck airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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