‘Bachelor’ Nation Jordan Kimball Engaged To Girlfriend Christina Creedon

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Attention Bachelor Nation fans: Jordan Kimball is officially engaged!

Bachelor Nation personality Jordan Kimball gave his girlfriend Christina Creedon a massive Christmas gift. He got down on one knee on Christmas Eve and proposed to her.

Jordan Kimball Engaged: Proposed to Christina Creedon on Christmas Eve

According to US Weekly, the 28-year-old dropped to one knee and popped the question with a 2.35 carat diamond ring. And, he did so before heading to mass with Christina’s family in Texas on Christmas Eve.

“I pulled it all together and it was it was really special. So we we actually got engaged at a church right before service,” Jordan explained to the media outlet.

Christina proceeded to affirm why the timing of the proposal was so special. “It’s the church that I actually, like, my entire family, grew up going there, so it was really special.”

A look at his history on Bachelor Nation

Fans of Bachelor Nation first met Jordan Kimball in 2018 during The Bachelorette Season 14. Later, he appeared during Bachelor in Paradise Season 5. He was even engaged to Jenna Cooper for a period of time. The duo split shortly after the finale aired. The split happened following allegations that Cooper had an issue with honesty.

Jordan Kimball returned to BiP in Mexico for Season 6. He, however, wasn’t there for very long. Fans recall he got into an altercation with Christian Estrada on the beach.

Christina recalled watching the episode of BiP with her mother. And, couldn’t believe where they were now.

I was watching at my parents’ house. My mom was in the living room, walks by and it’s literally when Jordan is tossing the teddy bear into the ocean. And now look at where we are.”

A look at Jordan and Christina’s dating history

US Weekly confirms it was back in November of last year that Jordan confirmed his relationship with Christina.

Jordan said as he recalled the start of their relationship: “We met at the airport at LAX. I helped her with her luggage. It was about twice the size of her. And so, from there, we had a few dates. We just got really close really quick. I think it was literally the moment I met her — something in her eyes — I think I knew then. And it’s been great ever since. We’ve both really been there for each other, especially throughout this year and how crazy it’s been.”

Jordan Kimball and Christina Creedon previously lived in Florida. But, they moved to Texas recently because of Christina’s job. And, it sounds like Jordan was happy to make the move for her.


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“She had moved to Florida for me and now I’m here. I don’t think we could have reciprocated it any better,” he explained.

Jordan Kimball described his engagement as “perfect.” And, he admits he couldn’t be happier.

“I couldn’t be happier. It was truly a magical moment, having her family there and everything, it was perfect,” he gushed.

Congratulations Jordan Kimball and Christina Creedon on your engagement! 


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