Why Did Leah Messer Hide Having An Abortion?

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Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer dropped a bomb on everyone earlier this year. She revealed the miscarriage everyone thought she had wasn’t actually a miscarriage. It was an abortion. According to Fox News, the MTV personality shared a lot of details about her secret in her memoir she released earlier this year.

Leah Messer describes her past as a ‘lesson learned’

Speaking to Fox News, the MTV personality gets candid about abortions being a very controversial topic. And, she hid that she had one because she felt shame. Turns out, there were several people in her inner circle that encouraged her to say she miscarried. Being in the spotlight because of a reality TV show… Some of those close to her thought she couldn’t handle the backlash of admitting to an abortion.

Based on her conversation with the outlet, it doesn’t sound like Leah is viewing her secret as a mistake. She, however, believes it is a lesson. And, she wouldn’t make the mistake of hiding that type of secret twice.

Looking back, I wouldn’t have kept that a secret. I would have been the person that I am today and say, ‘You know what? This is where I’m at. This is what’s happening.’ And just be honest about it. It was a lesson learned, a hundred percent.”

She’s been in the public eye since 2009

Leah Messer has been in the public eye since 2009. She started her journey bringing twins into the world with Corey Simms. The relationship didn’t work out. But, they parent their twin daughters together. She also shares her 7-year-old daughter with Jeremy Calvert. Today, Leah is no longer romantically with either of these men. But, she admits she was still dealing with feelings for Corey when she learned she was pregnant with Jeremy’s baby.

It was in 2012 that Leah became pregnant with who would have been her third-born child. Leah Messer made the decision to take abortion pills. But, she later told the MTV production team she “lost the baby.” Riddled with grief, the series depicted a mother going through a miscarriage. In reality, she was dealing with the grief of her decision to have an abortion. And, then, her decision to hide the abortion from the world.

I couldn’t imagine anyone else experiencing the same thing. I’m sure I’m not the only woman out there that has made it a rational decision and carried it for so long wishing that they had someone to talk to, wishing they had someone to [reach] out to.”

Now, Leah Messer decided to come clean for a few different reasons. A clear conscious. But, also to raise awareness on the decision to abort. The Teen Mom 2 star hopes her story will encourage other women not to keep something like this to themselves.

So, do you understand why she decided to hide her abortion? Share your thoughts with us.

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