Netflix’s ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ Under Fire For Unnecessary Sex Scenes

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Tiny Pretty Things hit Netflix a few days ago. And, subscribers can’t stop talking about the new series on Twitter. Unfortunately, the reviews are not glowing and the viewers aren’t raving. In fact, Netflix is getting a lot of heat for the “unnecessary” amount of sex scenes. What is this new series and what are subscribers saying?

What is Tiny Pretty Things, anyway?

Tiny Pretty Things is the newest young adult drama to hit Netflix. The series is based on a novel of the same name by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton.

“After an attack brings down the star student at a ballet school, her replacement enters a world of lies, betrayal and cutthroat competition.” The synopsis of the series reads on Netflix’s streaming library.

The series follows the story of a young woman named Neveah (Kylie Jefferson). She is offered a coveted spot in an elite ballet academy in Chicago. This is after the spot opens up when the girl who previously had it was pushed off a roof to her death.

As Season 1 of Tiny Pretty Things progresses, viewers watch Neveah learn a lot of dark secrets. Dark secrets about the school. And, the other dancers. While it is an interesting concept… Subscribers are having a hard time enjoying the series.

Why? Well, they think Netflix overdid it with the sex scenes on this one.

Subscribers insist unnecessary sex scenes ruin the series

Subscribers of Netflix enjoy a good mystery. But, there is so much unnecessary sex in this series they are having a difficult time with it. According to the Twitter feedback, those who have seen the show claim it feels like every other scene is a sex scene.

The amount of intimacy is also making older subscribers uncomfortable. They note the story is supposed to revolve around teenagers. And, while the actors and actresses aren’t teenagers… The show presents the storyline that the characters are. Subscribers insist they don’t feel right watching so many sex scenes involving teenagers. Some noted the intimacy scenes should have been limited to grinding and kissing. Otherwise, Netflix should have revamped the story line for the characters to be in their 20’s instead.

Subscribers insist the sex scenes ruin enjoying the mystery of the series. And, they’ve really let the streaming giant have it on Twitter.

  • “These sex scenes are a little much. They are teenagers. I don’t like the idea of watching this much. Just give me kissing and grinding when it comes to teens. If they were in their 20s it would be different.”
  • “The amount of sex scenes in Tiny Pretty Things is obscenely unnecessary.”
  • “Watching Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix as a study break and some of the scenes make me uncomfortable as a 20-something-year-old. Why are there explicit sex scenes of the main characters? Aren’t they supposed to be teenagers? Am I the only one that thinks this?”

The New York Post confirms reviews have been pretty mixed thus far. Some outlets are encouraging subscribers to “skip it.” Others, however, think it isn’t a bad one to watch as we continue to wade through the pandemic of 2020.

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