‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Will Emily Break Shekeb & Laila’s Relationship?

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The Season 1 Finale of TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy airs tonight. During the episode, fans will get to see a heavy focus on the story of Emily and Shekeb. TLC released a teaser preview of the finale. And, it looks like Shekeb will be forced to choose between mama Laila and Emily. Is Emily going to shatter the relationship Shekeb has with his mother? Or, will his mother find a way to accept Emily if she wants to keep his son in her life?

Shekeb used the quarantine to reflect on his life

Laila has made it clear to her son Shekeb that she doesn’t care for Emily. In fact, she wants him to remove Emily from her life. And, mama has put down her foot. She won’t give her son her blessings if he doesn’t pull the plug on his relationship with Emily. So, it’s quickly become a question of is Shekeb willing to risk his relationship with his mother of Emily? Or, is it curtains on his romance?

Now, I Love A Mama’s Boy can’t help but wonder what kind of woman Laila would approve of. If Shekeb ditches Emily and find someone else… Won’t he eventually run into the same problem? After all, it certainly seems like mama just wants to keep Shekeb for herself.

‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Fans React As Shekeb’s Mom Invites Another Girl Over

Fortunately, the teaser for the season finale suggests I Love A Mama’s Boy fans will get the answer they are hoping for. Regarding whether Shekeb can hold on to his mother and Emily. Or, if he’s going to lose one of these very special women in his life.

Laila doesn’t trust Emily

Laila admits that her blood pressures rises every time her son discusses Emily. Privately, mama confesses to the camera that she knows what is in the best interest of her son. And, it isn’t Emily. She doesn’t like her. She doesn’t trust her. And, she doesn’t want Shekeb to ruin his life by being with her.

Emily enters the cafe they were enjoying tea at shortly after his mom exclaims she knows what’s best for him. And, she immediately asks if Shekeb told his mother the news yet. Laila quickly fires back wanting to know what this news is.

I Love a Mama’s Boy Shekeb has to stop trying to appease both sides

I Love a Mama’s Boy fans admit it is sweet Shekeb wants to try to make both his mother and Emily happy. But, it just isn’t possible. Mostly because Shekeb can’t keep Emily and make mama happy. He’s going to have to pick one or the other. Fans want him to grow up and pick Emily. They hope his mother will eventually come around to just loving her son and wanting him to be happy.

Others think Emily should run while she can’t. They believe she deserves so much better than to deal with the bizarre relationship that Shekeb and his mother share.

The I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 1 Finale airs tonight only on TLC.

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  1. Emily needs to runnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!! Sorry, Laila, honey, but you have turned your son into a sissy prissy and sad to say, you will miss the blessing that a lovely daughter in law and grandchildren can bring those mamas of us who raise our sons to be responsible men. Don’t let this get away from you.

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