‘Disgusted’ Fan Asks Adam Busby: ‘What Is Wrong With You?’

Adam Busby Instagram

Adam Busby and the entire OutDaughtered family went traveling for Thanksgiving. And, based on the Instagram activity of family it sounds like they spent time with extended family they hadn’t seen in a while! That being said, Danielle and Adam Busby caught a lot of heat for the decision to travel during the holidays.

Why has the OutDaughtered family caught so much heat?

Well, for starters, there is the mysterious trip to the hospital. Danielle Busby was rushed to the hospital just days before they traveled for the hospital. Adam Busby took to Instagram to share a photo of her at the hospital. Fans sent up prayers. And, they were understandably annoyed when the family returned to business and fun as usual just days later. The annoyance only grew when they went traveling. All while giving no real information on her health.

All fans really know is Danielle had some tingling sensations in her limbs. And, it was concerning enough for a trip to the hospital. Adam and Danielle confirmed she had some testing done. But, they hadn’t gotten any results back the last time they gave fans any sort of update.

Next, there’s the pandemic. Covid-19. The CDC and the government encouraged everyone to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. People are urged not to travel unless it is absolutely necessary. Some states have closed schools back down. Some are even on lockdown. Throughout the entire pandemic, however, Adam has maintained he’s not willing to live his life in fear of a virus. A virus he does not believe is any worse than the common cold or flu.

Still, fans take great issue with the traveling. Missing masks. Improper mask wearing. And, the general disregard for the virus. It, however, goes without saying the heat is mostly coming from a place of concern. Fans are just scared something will happen to the quints or Blayke while the Busby parents ignore the pandemic.

One ‘disgusted’ fan has had enough of Adam Busby and his trip photos

Things got a little heated in the comments of Adam Busby’s most recent Instagram post. One fan noted they were disgusted by the way Adam and his entire extended family were acting.

“Why won’t you stop traveling? What is wrong with you and your extended family that you cannot seem to follow the guidelines? I am disgusted. You have traveled several times since this started. I am out.” The individual penned in a comment liked half a dozen time. So, it was clear there were some others who shared this sentiment.

Now, neither Adam Busby nor his wife has ever been afraid to clap back at someone in the comments. Adam does do it noticeably more than his wife. So, it was no surprise that he fired back at the “disgusted” fan.

Adam Busby Instagram

Adam fired back: “we are following the guidelines for traveling safely. There is a way to travel and stay safe. We aren’t doing a single thing that is against the law. If you think you can’t walk out of your door without getting a serious illness, then by all means stay home.”

The OutDaughtered dad doubled down on not willing to live in fear of an illness. And, his response was liked nearly 250 times. So, clearly many of his followers agreed with him. Several responded to the conversation. They noted the “disgusted” fan should just let Adam and Danielle live their life with their children. Others noted they should know the parents would never put the girls at risk.

So, do you agree with this disgusted fan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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