‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Cozies Up To Guy On Instagram That Isn’t Kody

Meri Brown Instagram

Sister Wives fans are looking for more information after Meri Brown shared a photo of herself curled up next to a man that wasn’t her husband Kody. Naturally, rumors have been swirling for a while now that Meri and Kody Brown split up. Some believe they were only still together so he could use her for her money. Meri has only continued to had fuel to these split rumors with her cryptic messages on Instagram.

So, who is this mystery guy? Keep reading for the details!

Meri Brown gets close to man who isn’t Kody

Meri Brown took to Instagram this afternoon to share a post doting on her opportunity to work with LuLaRoe. The post contained two pictures. The first was a gorgeous selfie of Meri Brown. She was glowing as she has been in all of her Instagram snaps as of late.

It was the second photo in the post, however, that caught Sister Wives fans attention. Meri Brown was cozied up close to a man. A man that wasn’t her husband Kody. Who was this man? And, where was Kody Brown? We know Meri Brown is a very independent woman. And, fans suspect she really doesn’t spend much time with her Sister Wives husband. But, seeing her so close and comfortable to this mystery man has fans wondering… Who is this guy?

Fortunately, we can only assume Meri Brown anticipated fans would ask questions about the man in the photo. After all, a reality TV star can’t get comfortable with a man who isn’t their husband without someone noticing. Meri shined a spotlight on exactly who the man in the photo was. Furthermore, she clarified he was a very “good friend” of hers. And, it sounds like they are working together on a project.

Meri Brown Instagram

Blair M. Struble: Who is this mystery man?

According to Soap Dirt, this isn’t the first time this mystery man has surfaced on Meri Brown’s Instagram. And, his appearance always causes a lot of chatter among fans. So much so that his profile is now private. Last time he surfaced on her Instagram, it appears as if his profile was public for anyone to see.

Now, Meri Brown has previously referred to him as her “bestie.” They seem close and they enjoy spending time together. That being said, his Instagram profile suggests that he is married. So, this probably isn’t a romantic relationship. Unless he’s also into polyamory, anyway. That being said, Meri Brown is clearly comfortable being close to him. And, she certainly looks happy in the photo with him!

On Reddit, there is some chatter to suggest he isn’t a threat to Kody because he isn’t interested in women.

So, do you think there is anything to make of this Blair M. Struble? Share your thoughts on this man who isn’t Meri Brown’s husband in the comments.

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