‘Sister Wives’ Leaving TLC? Janelle Brown Explains What Happened

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Fans of Sister Wives have been in a bit of a panic about the series getting removed from TLC. This panic is understandable as we still aren’t really sure what’s going on with Season 15 of the series. While multiple members of the Sister Wives cast have confirmed Season 15 will happen… There hasn’t been any information about when that might happen. And, fans are still itching for a premiere date from TLC.

Why do people think TLC is dropping Sister Wives?

As far as interesting seasons of the series go, Season 14 wasn’t it. A lot of fans thought Season 14 was boring. Many Sister Wives fans believed if they couldn’t produce more interesting episodes they needed to just axe the show. Others, however, who really enjoy the series didn’t care too much. And, can’t wait to see more. That being said, there was a lot of confusion swirling on social media today. Namely, a lot of people thought TLC was dropping Sister Wives.

Janelle Brown posted about a new streaming service called discovery+ (Discovery Plus) on Twitter this morning.

“What will you binge on #discoveryplus? Get excited to stream all the things you love like Sister Wives beginning January 4, 2021!” She explained in her tweet. She encouraged her followers to check out Discovery Plus on Twitter or to visit their website for more information.

Apparently, it was this post by Janelle Brown that sent Sister Wives fans into a bit of a panic. Some misunderstood her. And, they thought she meant TLC was dropping the series. And this new streaming service was picking it up.

“New Sister Wives or just the past seasons?” One individual asked. A second follower asked if Sister Wives would still be available on traditional television as well.

Truth be told, not everyone is rushing toward the idea of paying to add yet another streaming service to their already growing list.

Janelle Brown clarifies the network isn’t dropping the series

TLC is not dropping Sister Wives. In fact, TLC is just part of the Discovery family. And, that is why Sister Wives and every other TLC series will have a home in the library of discovery+. Janelle Brown was simply sharing this would be a place for fans of Sister Wives to binge on all past episodes.

In response to her clarification, many admitted they were impatiently waiting for the release of Discovery Plus. Others, however, just wanted to know when Season 15 of Sister Wives was going to happen.

Will you be checking out Discovery Plus when it drops next year?

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  1. *This is the end of Season 17 with part 2 to air next week. PLEASE END THIS SHOW. We are DONE with KODY and his NARCISSISTIC self; I cannot stand him. We all are sick watching this man lie and cheat and twist facts weekly like he is the shiznit. Please, it is sickening. Please, just leave these women alone and let them live their lives in peace. And let Kody feel what poverty feels like because that is how he made their lives and hearts feel like after being abused in the media for years and behind closed doors, LIKE A KNIFE IN THE KIDNEYS. ARE YOU KIDDING US? END THIS PLEASE! HE ABUSES those women with words so badly it physically makes me sick. He is mentally ill and needs help. (ALLEGEDLY hahaha – you know what I mean).

  2. I have always enjoyed Sister Wives; but never cared for Cody. The kids are lovely especially Janelle and Christine’s kids. I hope it will not be discontinued. I would really miss Janelle, Christine, Meri, and Robyn. The kids are all a delight . I would enjoy seeing the earlier shows again. And I also like David, he seems a really nice person. Right from the start 2010 I respected the four wives’ Hope they see my comment 🙂

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