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Lacey Chabert Admits Hallmark Movies Are ‘Comfort Food’


Hallmark’s Christmas Queen, Lacey Chabert recently admitted that Hallmark movies are repetitive, but she says that this is for a good reason. She shares how these movies are exactly the comfort that people want now.

Lacey Chabert Admits Hallmark Movies Are Repetitive

Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert may be remembered for “fetch,” but it is Hallmark movies that she is now known for. But, some have criticized Hallmark’s repetition of familiar tropes. Lacey doesn’t mind.

Speaking to Hello Giggles, Lacey explained that “Even though a lot of the movies have similar themes, I take great pride in doing my best to tell it in the most honest and unusual way possible, while hopefully creating a character that people can see themselves in.”

Chabert further explained that Hallmark movies are  “comfort food for the spirit. I think people know they can sit down with their families and watch something that’s uplifting.”

Most of all, Lacey knows that there are a lot of options out there. She is honored that people want to see her movies. Lacey is known to act with an open heart, and Hallmark fans feel that. They also can feel that she wants viewers to feel good about the movies is in.

“People can watch whatever they want on TV, and the fact that they choose to tune in to a movie that I’m in…I consider it a great responsibility to deliver something that leaves them feeling good.”

Hallmark’s Numbers Show Viewers Want Comfort

While a good portion of the world has been dealing with quarantines and social distancing, Lacey Chabert has been busy filming more Hallmark movies. Due to the Covid-19, she had an extended stay in Canada. Actors must quarantine for 14 days. So, it makes sense that she continued filming one movie after another.

Yet, no one can really say that these movies have been very repetitive, except that they are all Hallmark.

Since this summer, she has filmed both Christmas Waltz with her debonaire Love, Chocolate & Romance costar, Will Kemp (Reign) and Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas with Steven Huszar (Ruby Herring Mysteries).

The former is Hallmark’s top 2020 Christmas movie, so far. Her sultry dance movie even beat out the other reigning Christmas Queen, Candace Cameron Bure, and her Wizard of Oz-inspired, If I Only Had Christmas. Lacey’s other Christmas movie comes out on Saturday, December 5.

Most importantly, people are tuning in live. During this time of uncertainty, people want a story that makes them feel hopeful. That is the essence of the Hallmark brand. Right now, people are choosing Hallmark for the hopeful stories that they share.

On Wednesday, the all-Christmas Twitter account @SleepyKittyPaw reported that “In 2019 Hallmark had 7 titles, total, get 3 million+ viewers They had that many in 2020 by Dec 1.” This is remarkable, during this cord-cutting era, where most cable stations are seeing a 10 percent decrease.

These numbers certainly confirm that viewers want the sort of repetitive comfort that Hallmark specializes in.

Lacey Chabert Is Working Non-Stop During Covid

Filming Hallmark comfort has not really come that easy. While a good portion of the world has been dealing with quarantines and social distancing, Lacey Chabert has certainly been busy filming more Hallmark movies.

In addition to the Hallmark Christmas movies, Lacey Chabert has filmed two Crosswords Mysteries, along with her All Of My Heart costar, Brennan Elliott. Elliott has revealed they are also filming a third mystery in early 2021. These unique, Will Shortz co-created mysteries rely on crossword puzzles at the basis of the mysteries. Of course, this is Hallmark, so there is a romance blooming. But, at the forefront is the mystery, with Lacey’s character figuring it all out, even before the police.

That is five movies in a matter of six-seven months. Hallmark accomplished this, during a worldwide pandemic.

Despite all obstacles, Hallmark has managed to make comfort food, despite world circumstances. And Lacey Chabert is happy for that sort of repetition.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I am sick of the change. I don’t like seeing all the changes to the wholesome movies, into the; same sex stories; the mixed race marriages; and the like. There are quite a few black actors/Actresses whom I really like. And I like seeing them in your movies. However, I’m sick of the fact that now, you seem to HAVE to incorporate mixed marriages/ relationships into EVERY new movie. ALSO, a lesbian relationship in all of them. Doesn’t making ALL of the “bosses”, over the White stars, black, satisfy the NAACP’s “requirements/ demands for “equal” inclusions. ❓❓❓❓ I used to like watching these movies with my grandkids. NOT ANYMORE. YES, I know these things are going on in the world. BUT, Not as prevalent as you are cramming down our throats. ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️. And, as I believe you are being forced ( ⁉️⁉️⁉️)
    to show us, in your movies, the last couple of years.
    PLEASE, return to the sweet wholesome stories we have loved for so many years now. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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