‘Teen Mom’ Cheyenne Floyd Hides Belly As Pregnancy Rumors Swirl

Cheyenne Floyd Instagram

Teen Mom fans have suspected for a little while that Cheyenne Floyd would be making a pregnancy announcement. Her latest Instagram activity, however, has only added more fuel to the rumor fires. What is Cheyenne doing that has everyone thinking she’s pregnant? Well, she’s hiding her belly for starters.

Cheyenne Floyd hides belly from followers on Instagram

The MTV personality might not come up as often as some of the other members of the Teen Mom franchise, but she has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. And, a lot of those followers are starting to think she’s pregnant. In fact, they think she’s trying to hide the pregnancy. In her last few snapshots on Instagram… She’s strategically placed her arms in a way that more or less hid her belly from clear view. Her followers can’t help but wonder if she did so for a reason. Is she hiding a baby bump?

It was just a few days ago that the mother took to Instagram to dote on how thankful she was for her “little family.” Her followers couldn’t help but notice her arms appeared to be completely covering her stomach in every photo attached to the post. Black is also a color some often go with when they are trying to conceal their actual size.

Now, Cheyenne Floyd had her comments turned off on this particular post. So, her followers were not able to question why she was hiding her belly. But, her comments were NOT turned off on her most recent post. And, her followers quickly added more fuel to the pregnancy rumor. Some of her followers were convinced Cheyenne Floyd must be expecting her second baby.

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Her followers sound off with pregnancy rumors in the comments

Some of her followers noted that they “felt a pregnancy announcement” happening in the future. Here’s what some of her other followers had to say.

  • “When will we get the baby news? Waiting for the big reveal.”
  • “Are you pregnant?”
  • “A lot of baggy clothes for Cheyenne your glowing”


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Not everyone wanted to discuss the pregnancy rumors. In fact, some thought commenting on her potential pregnancy was in poor taste. One individual thought her followers should stop asking. If she’s pregnant, she’ll tell people when she’s ready.

Honestly, The asking or commenting about her body saying she looks pregnant is just plain ignorant. Whether she is or isn’t is no one business but her own. If and when she chose to announce anything like that. It’s such a private personal journey for every mother! Mind your own business.”

Do you think Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom is pregnant? Will we leave of her pregnancy soon? Or, do people need to back off? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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