Jinger Vuolo Scores New Partnership Amid Troubled Past With Sponsors

Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jinger Duggar Vuolo does NOT have a pretty past when it comes to sponsors and partnerships. To be blunt, she’s had her fair share of drops and flops. Many Counting On fans just assumed she’d tap out of the sponsorship world. Or, perhaps she’d just take one out of her mother’s book and let her husband Jeremy handle earning the family bread.

That being said, Counting On fans were surprised to see Jinger has landed a new partnership. And, the combination of her troubled past and being very pregnant isn’t stopping her from pushing the new product on her followers. Who has she partnered with now? And, what do we know about her past with sponsorships? Keep reading for all the details.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo partners with NordicTrack

Those who follow Jinger Vuolo on Instagram know she is very pregnant. Fans are expecting her to pop any day now. That being said, she’s not letting that very pregnant belly stopping her from staying healthy.

She’s still getting plenty of exercise in. A few days ago, she took to her Instagram Stories to reveal she had a new partnership with a company called NordicTrack. And, it looks like the very pregnant Jinger scored a free treadmill out of the partnership.

Hey guys! I want to tell you about my new treadmill. I’m super excited about it. It’s the best treadmill I’ve ever used. What I love about it is that they have so many options, places I can run or walk. And you will never get bored!”

Jinger Vuolo continued to tell her followers more about the treadmill and how it worked. She even doted on the convenient and user friendly touchscreen. “This is connected with iFit trainer and it tracks every minute, every calorie … it will be tracking all of your data and all of your progress.” She explained.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram

She continues to open up about the brand and treadmill

Jinger continued to open up about her favorite features on the treadmill. She even vouched for it being a great piece of exercise equipment for someone who was pregnant. She could get a safe amount of exercise for her and the baby. And, she didn’t have to worry about overexerting herself.

I am currently hiking in the Grand Canyon. As you can see here, beautiful scenery around! And this actually inclines to whatever I’m walking on. And so it’s perfect for this stage of pregnancy, too. Because it’s just enough exercise, not too crazy, but it’ll give you a workout.”

After she finished gabbing around the treadmill… She encouraged her followers to “swipe up” to take advantage of her discount with NordicTrack.

She has a checkered past when it comes to partnerships

Jinger Duggar Vuolo does NOT have a pretty past when it comes to partnerships. But, the partnership she is most well-known for taking a turn for the worst is a company called Fonuts. Initially, the company went all in. They dedicated a donut to her. And, they promoted her on social media.

They, however, later learned more about the Duggar family. And, they promptly pulled the plug on the partnership. Fonuts even publicly apologized for going into business with Jinger.

Duggar: Jinger Vuolo Loses Another Partnership

Given sponsorships and partnerships are how many in the Duggar family make their money… It isn’t too surprising that Jinger Vuolo would take another stab at using her following to make some money. Are you surprised to see Jinger with a new partnership? Sound off in the comments.

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