Derick Dillard Gets Brutally Honest About Duggars Getting Engaged Young

Derick Dillard

When you want brutal honesty about the Duggar family, there’s only one place to turn. Derick Dillard is always willing to tell all, especially when it’s something he isn’t necessarily happy about.

The latest bout of honesty comes in the wake of the news that 18-year-old Justin Duggar is engaged to Claire Spivey. A fan commented about how young he is, and how young all Duggar siblings marry. Why is that? Dillard had the answer.

It’s all about what they get up to in the bedroom. And many fans of the Duggar family agree with that statement.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey’s Quick Romance

The two teenagers only started dating 14 months ago. They did have the opportunity to hunker down together when the pandemic started, which may have helped speed up their romance. However, just 14 months in, the two announced their engagement. While many fans are happy for them, there are some concerned about this. The Duggar siblings get married so young.

None of the siblings have divorced, though. And they all seem happy together, whether it’s for theĀ Counting On cameras or on their social media platforms. Some fans of the series want others to stop judging, but it does make some question why teenagers would make a big commitment at such a young age.

Dillard is sure it’s all about the bedroom activities. Jill Duggar seemed to agree.

It’s All About the Bedroom Says Derick Dillard

There are a lot of rules for the Duggar siblings. In fact, there are a lot of rules for those who the Duggar siblings date, too, and not just because they date Duggar siblings. Their religion is all about remaining pure until marriage, and that first night in the bedroom is the wedding night.

It is something that is important to all. However, it sounds like it also leads to a rush to get married for some of them.

The exchange happened in the comments of this Instagram post.

Still Working on the Family Relationship

Jill and Derick Dillard are still working on the relationship with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Well, Jill is. It’s not clear if Derick always wants to work on his relationship with his in-laws.

The families hit a rocky patch in their relationship a few years ago after Derick Dillard’s comments on social media. He and Jill were removed from theĀ Counting On franchise on TLC allowing the rest of the family to continue. Derick later pointed out that the two and their children aren’t even allowed at the Big House without an invitation, and those invitations don’t happen.

Things are still tense right now. This will take time, and Derick’s comments about why the Duggars marry so young may not help matters. Will it stop them from being at the upcoming wedding?

What do you think of Justin and Claire marrying young? What did you think of Derick Dillard’s comments? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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