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‘Welcome To Plathville’: Barry Plath Gives “The Talk” To Son

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It’s time for an awkward Welcome to Plathville conversation! In the newest episode, Barry Plath is giving his son, Issac, the infamous ‘talk.’

New ‘Welcome to Plathville’ episode

Last week on Welcome to Plathville things got a bit weird between Micah, Moriah, and their parents when they addressed that they never talked about getting intimate with other people. Micah begged his parents to give his younger siblings a chance popculture reports.

“I kinda wanna know why y’all hadn’t talked to us about sexuality like when we were 13, 14?” Micah asks. “Please give my younger siblings a better chance in the world.”

It seems that Barry took that conversation to heart, and is sitting Issac down to talk about it.

“When your older children say, ‘This is what I found lacking in your approach or what you did do right or didn’t do right,’ that hurts as a father,” Barry reveals about his talk with Micah. “I take those things to heart. But now I have an opportunity to connect with Isaac in ways that maybe I didn’t with Ethan or Micah.”

While it can be a necessary talk, and openness in a relationship is good, it doesn’t mean the convo between father and son wasn’t a bit cringy to watch.

To make the conversation more comfortable, Barry takes Issac out into the woods and starts talking about Micah’s dating life. Then, oh-so-casually, asks if Issac has any questions about girls.

“So is there anything right now that you’re thinking, ‘Hey, I have a question about this topic?'” Barry says. Issac tells him, no, but Barry continues: “Nothing? Girls? Have any questions? What about the opposite sex?”

How does Issac react?

Just like any teenage boy of course. Issac told his dad he felt awkward. Apparently, he does talk about girls with his friends he reveals. However, it was a bit weirder for him to be talking to his dad about it.

“When I’m talking about girls with my friends or something, it’s not awkward ’cause, I don’t know, we do it all the time,” Issac says. “But when it was with my dad, it was kind of awkward because he’d never really talked to me about that.”

It seems that even though Barry is trying to be proactive, he still just doesn’t have the bond with his son that he really needs to comfortably address this topic.

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