Fans Question Meghan King After Testing Positive For COVID-19

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Meghan King is the latest reality star to test positive for COVID-19. The Real Housewives of Orange County alum broke the news on her Instagram Stories. She also shared the details of how she found out. Meghan’s positive diagnosis comes just months after her estranged husband Jim Edmonds revealed his battle with coronavirus.

On Sunday, November 15, the former Bravo shared a health update with her followers. Meghan posted a series of Instagram Stories in which she revealed she tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, her three children, Aspen King Edmonds, 3, Hart Edmonds, 2, and Hayes Edmonds, 2, are healthy and fine.

Meghan King Edmonds claims she’s “been safe”

The television personality says she contracted the virus seven months after estranged husband Jim Edmonds’ diagnosis. But the 36-year-old assures her fans that she is fine. She also said that she’s “been safe” while traveling. Plus, no one in her “Miami bubble” got sick. Meghan detailed the moment she thinks she contracted the virus.

“I tested positive for Covid,” Meghan wrote on her Instagram Stories on Sunday, November 15. “I have been safe while traveling but I had an exchange on Tuesday where I did not protect myself and this is when I had to have been infected.”

She continued, “I have been safe with distancing and masks since Tuesday including when I went to dinner solo and stayed distant and wore a mask at Haye’s soccer.”

She then shared her plans for fighting the virus. The lifestyle blogger will continue to keep her three children safe. Meghan’s kids are staying with Jim during this time as she quarantines.

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[From Meghan King Edmonds on Instagram]
“My kids have been at their father’s but Hayes will quarantine due to brief (1 hour) proximity to me,” she continued. “I have contacted everyone and will isolate for 10 days minimum per CDC guidelines. My children will have to stay with my parents as they cannot stay at my house while I’m sick.”

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[From Meghan King Edmonds on Instagram Stories]
Meghan didn’t reveal any other information regarding the encounter she had last week. She previously shared her trips to Miami for a “girls getaway” and Hayes’ first indoor soccer game. As for her symptoms, she had “extreme exhaustion, sneezing, a mild cough, and diarrhea.” The television personality claims she was “directly exposed multiple times” in the past but did not test positive. Nor, did she reveal why or how she was exposed.

RHOC alum gets backlash for attending son’s soccer game

This comes after Meghan King slammed Jim for partying in Nashville before he contracted the virus. The 50-year-old former athlete shared his battle with COVID-19. During that time, Meghan appeared to throw shade at her ex-husband. Now, Meghan is the one with coronavirus and is getting backlash on social media.

She’s been sharing photos and clips from her previous trips. One follower asked Meghan, “Why did you go to your son’s soccer game if you have covid?” She responded, “of course I didn’t know. I haven’t left my house since the second I found out I was positive. SMH.”

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[From Meghan King Edmonds on Instagram Stories]
However, it’s unclear when she got tested. She shared the soccer photo just a day before she tested positive for the virus. So, it’s also unclear how long she’s been sick.

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[From Meghan King Edmonds on Instagram]
“So did you know you had covid when you went for dinner and soccer?” another fan asked, to which Meghan responded, “of course not.”

Hopefully, Meghan will have a quick recovery and her children will stay healthy. Meghan’s deals with a lot when it comes to her children’s health.

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