Sexist Troll Calls Savannah’s Makeup ‘Childish,’ Todd Chrisley Fires Back

Savannah Todd Chrisley Instagram

With the release of her new makeup collection, Savannah Chrisley learned you can’t please everyone. The young entrepreneur, however, had a very fired up father who was ready to help fight her battles.

Todd Chrisley promotes the launch of Savannah’s makeup collection

The entire Chrisley family rallied behind Savannah to help push the launch of her new makeup collection. Todd Chrisley, for example, took to his Instagram two days ago to share the same promotional photo most of the family also shared. This even included Savannah Chrisley’s former flame Nic Kerdiles.

The Chrisley Knows Best dad encouraged his 2.2 million followers to head over to his daughter’s website. And, check out the new makeup kit. Based on Savannah’s joy on her own Instagram, we can only assume many did just that.

Todd Chrisley, along with his wife Julie, and most of the Chrisley family doted on Savannah in addition to pushing the product. They were all so proud of her. Nic Kerdiles admitted he believed she would be a global cosmetic brand in time.

That being said, you can’t please everyone. And, the Chrisley family is certainly no stranger to trolls. One troll was quick to pounce on Todd Chrisley’s Instagram promotion of Savannah’s product. And, it appears as if the troll has already formed an opinion of the makeup. Or, maybe his wife has?

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Sexiest troll slams makeup, but proud papa fires back

In a very long comment on Todd’s promotion of the makeup kit, one individual noted the kit looked a little childish. The individual then proceeded to question why they would buy from Savannah as opposed to a well-known brand name. What was a bit strange about the comment was that the individual was a man. And, not because men wearing makeup isn’t alright. But, because he was a married man. And, he wasn’t spouting his own opinion.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the individual was speaking out on behalf of his wife.

Todd Chrisley Instagram
[Todd Chrisley Instagram]
“So for what is shown, it looks like a little girls play set. Also, my wife having been a professional model, before becoming a nurse, wants to know why she would choose this over Este Lauder, or Elizabeth Arden, etc., etc.?” The individual questioned in their comment.

Those who follow Todd Chrisley knows he is far from afraid at trolls. He, however, made it clear during his podcast that he always picks and chooses which trolls to respond to. By attacking his daughter, he quickly had this one in his sights.

Todd Chrisley fired back: “Then why not let your wife ask that question sir? It’s 2020, women can speak for themselves.”

Savannah’s father indirectly pointed out how sexist it was for the individual to speak on behalf of his wife. Likewise, if his wife had questions or concerns… She should bring them up on her own.

Todd Chrisley wasn’t alone in defending Savannah

Several of Todd’s followers were not exactly happy with the sexist troll. Moreover, they thought his opinion on makeup was a joke.

“Estée Lauder went out with your wife’s modeling career. Be happy for someone who opened her own line and is proud of it. Misery loves company. Keep it on your own page. What kids makeup set looks like hers? She’s making it for affordability and quality and has accomplished both.” One individual fired back.

Others questioned what exactly made the makeup kit look childish. Then, they clarified she did what she could to make it affordable while retaining quality. And, they appreciated that.

Taking a high road, one individual encouraged the married man to consider “keeping it positive.” After all, it was important to support the business of young women.

So, what do you think of Savannah Chrisley’s new product? Do you like that Todd Chrisley jumped in to defend her makeup kit? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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