Does Tarek El Moussa Want More Children With Heather Rae Young?

Tarek El Moussa Instagram

Tarek El Moussa shares two children – Brayden and Taylor – with his ex wife Christina. The Flip or Flop star is currently engaged to Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young. And, we know the duo bought their first house together a few months ago. The question is: what does the future hold for this reality TV series couple?

Does Tarek El Moussa want more children with Heather Rae Young?

Traditionally, you fall in love and you get married. Living together can come before or after marriage depending on personal beliefs. But, the next step after marriage is usually having children. That being said, Tarek is 39-years-old and Heather is 33-years-old. While they are certainly still young enough to have children. There can be some health risks if Heather waits a few more years before they tried to conceive.

Now, Heather Rae Young considers herself to be a “bonus mom” to Tarek’s two children. But, she doesn’t have any children of her own. So, it wouldn’t be too surprising if she wanted to have children with Tarek. The question is: does Tarek want to have children with her?

Fortunately, Tarek El Moussa sat down with People Magazine for an episode of Reality Check recently. He discussed their wedding plans. And, he touched on the subject of children.

Tarek El Moussa Instagram
[Tarek El Moussa Instagram]
Already being the father of a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old, expanding his family with Heather Rae Young is NOT something Tarek wants right now. Why? Well, largely because their life is so busy. He doesn’t think it would be fair to either of them or the children he already has to bring more into the mix.

“Right now, no…Brayden just turned 5, Taylor just turned 10, between the two of us we’re filming three shows, have multiple businesses, we’re raising the kids together, so right now I think we’re just rolling with things,” Tarek explained.

What do we know about the wedding?

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Tarek El Moussa revealed that former flames would not be on the guest list of his wedding with Heather. In fact, the lovebirds were hoping for something small and intimate.

“Small, less distractions, more intimate, better conversations with the people around us. You know, we just think smaller is better,” Tarek continued to explain.

At this time, the couple plan on having a wedding during the summer of next year. They have also teased that their wedding may take place out of the country. But, they haven’t confirmed exactly where it would happen.

So, do you think it makes sense that Tarek El Moussa is not ready to have more children? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. They are a beautiful couple and Heather is so in love and I see clearly his love for her.
    She doesn’t look like his x in my opinion
    She’s gorgeous and a class act kindness through and through which Tarek deserves and it doesn’t matter whether they will or will not have more kids,it’s the respect and love she has for Tarek and the kids.
    I am so incredibly happy they met.I love her and him.

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