‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff Is Ready For Pumpkin Season To Be Over

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Pumpkin, Pumpkins everywhere! Matt Roloff and his family have been busy running Roloff’s Farm, during this pumpkin season. When is Matt’s favorite time of the year? It’s not October.

Matt Roloff, running most of the farm

 Amy and Matt have been divorced for a few years now. Matt has bought out most of Amy’s ownership in Roloff Farms and maintains it with a small staff. Roloff Farms is still home to its yearly pumpkin patch and in the off-season, people can arrange tours of the property. It seems like the popular pumpkin season is what supports the farm financially through the years. It seems like with the busy pumpkin season and dealing with Covid 19 restrictions, Matt is ready for a break.

When is Matt’s favorite time of the year?

The exhausted Matt Roloff seems to be ready for a much-needed break. He took to Instagram to talk about his feelings. He starts by saying “when anyone ever asks me what’s my favorite day of the year I never hesitate to say Nov 1st. Ok ok, so today 11/2 is my second favorite day. :)). It marks the end of Pumpkin Season on our farm and the start of many new possibilities. This year [have] so many people to thank you for all of you that you did to help make our 2020-Covid style pumpkin season such a huge success here at @rolofffarms.” 

Another successful year for Matt at Roloff farms

The many pictures all over Instagram has shown the happiness on people’s faces. It seems that though there were many Covid related restrictions, many families have enjoyed their time at the farm. Matt continues by saying thank you to the many people that came to visit this pumpkin season. Matt continues by saying “The Roloff family, our amazing staff, and all the incredible guests we get to hosts from all over the world. We were so impressed with every single person that visited us this cray cray year. We braced to see the worst in people and instead saw the very best! So many came, had fun, stretched their legs, got some fresh air, played safe, enjoyed the crisp Fall air, saw the farm in a way that they’ve never seen before, and yes… enjoyed the little surprise we planted at every turn.” 

Matt Roloff has enjoyed this season

Matt went on the thank all the wonderful people that wore a mask and socially distant. It kept him and his staff safe, along with the other many visitors. Matt has been a big supporter of social distancing and masking up to save people’s lives. He also mentions that for the people that were unable to come this year, there’s always next year! For the many people that live too far from the farm to ever visit you can also continue to watch Little People Big World on TLC Friday nights.




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