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‘Bachelorette’ Joe Park Shares Hilarious Roast Jokes Viewers Didn’t See

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If you don’t recognize the name Joe Park from The Bachelorette, you are not alone. This gorgeous contestant has faded into the background during the first few episodes of the ABC reality TV series.

As Heavy reminds us, we did see Joe Park during the Season 16 Premiere of The Bachelorette. He showed Clare Crawley an arrangement of origami he created. And, he called one of the pieces “Joe the Fox.” Unfortunately for Joe Park, we haven’t seen very much of him since then.

Joe Park had hilarious roast jokes that didn’t make it on air.

During the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, we did see Joe briefly. He was doting on the comedy roast-theme group date. The group date that nine of the competitors participated in.

Now, Heavy reminds us we didn’t get to see any of Joe Park’s roast jokes during the televised portion of the group date. And, those who follow him on Instagram know, that is a crying shame. Why? Because he has a wicked sense of humor.

Fortunately, Joe Park was kind enough to share his roast humor on Instagram. So, viewers didn’t have to miss out on it completely. Most assume because Joe Park didn’t take any shots at Dale Moss, his jokes weren’t deemed worthy of air time.

After all, the production team has been accused of strategically editing this season to focus heavily on Clare and Dale.

He ended up roasting Bennett Jordan & Kenny Braasch

Now, we know Bennett Jordan is a fan-favorite this season. Viewers’ love for him grew after he roasted Dale during Episode 3. But, Joe Park? Well, he had a pretty incredible roast of Bennett. In fact, here’s what he said.

Bennett. Lord Bennett.

Bennett is easy to hate on. He’s tall, good-looking, and obviously very rich.

Clare, if you end up with Bennett, you will no doubt have a good life…for about 10 years.

But. For the next 20 years you’re going to have to wear sunglasses every time you leave the house after people find out about Bennett’s $10 billion Ponzi scheme.

But you and Bennett do have some things in common. Clare, I know how much you love animals. Bennett also loves animals.

He just likes his skinned, tanned, and stretched.

We had the pleasure of seeing Bennett’s extensive collection of shoes made from either endangered or extinct animals.

No but seriously Bennett, thank you for sharing that collection. I had no idea the Dodo made for such a fine leather.

His roast of Kenny Braasch was just as great.

And, what did he have to say about Kenny? Keep reading.

The dodgeball game really told us all we needed to know about Kenny.

Kenny is like Shaq. When you see Shaq you probably don’t think ‘here’s a chef’ or a crossing guard or a magician. When you see Shaq you know he plays basketball. Professionally.

The same way when you look at Kenny, you know he takes his clothes off. Professionally. Male model, stripper, p**nstar…he’s just TOO comfortable taking off his clothes.

I’m pretty sure the only reason Kenny is here is because he thought this was a Bachelorette PARTY.

This is why he wears the same tank top every day.

The only other things he brought are a police uniform, a firefighter outfit, and an assortment of banana hammocks.

Joe Park even roasted himself

Interestingly enough, Joe Park wasn’t afraid to roast himself. Within his self-roast, he took digs at the other contestants. He pointed out that he might not be the most attractive man of the season. But, what he lacked in appearance he made up for in intelligence.

And of course, there’s me. I’m not the best looking guy here. Or the tallest. Or the richest. Or the most muscular. Or the best dressed. Or the smoothest.

But. I do have something that most of these super sexy men don’t: a high school diploma.

And also, for those who don’t know, I’m a doctor. How typical, an Asian doctor. But let me tell you something, I’m not just a stereotype. I’m not that good at math. I can’t fix computers. And I don’t know karate.

And Clare, let me tell you, had I lost that dodgeball game, I would’ve shown you how wrong another stereotype was…in a big way.

What do we know about Joe Park, anyway?

Joe Park is an anesthesiologist that lives in New York. He spent much of the year 2020 doing his part to defend the city of New York from COVID-19. According to Bustle, he’s also a survivor of COVID-19. Dr. Joe is “done wasting time.” He wants to find someone he can settle down with to build a life and family together.

Dr. Joe does have an Instagram account. But, he only has about 4,000 followers. And, it doesn’t appear as if Instagram was really “his thing” prior to joining the cast of The Bachelorette

So, do you wish we could see more of Joe Park on Season 16? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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