Sadie Robertson & Christian Huff Dressed As The Biebers For Halloween

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Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff may have won Halloween with their couples costume. They dressed up as the Biebers for Halloween. Fans were shocked when the Duck Dynasty alum transformed herself into Justin Bieber. Meanwhile, her husband chose to be Hailey Bieber.

The couple even showed off their dance moves on social media. They danced around to Bieber’s song “Come Around Me.” Sadie covered up her baby bump with an oversized Champion sweatshirt and white baggy sweatpants. But Christian showed some skin in a pair of low-slung gray sweatpants and a white T-shirt he tied to reveal his abs.

Check out the couple’s hilarious costume below.

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff imitated the Biebers

In a video clip posted on Instagram, the couple danced around. Sadie Robertson hid her trademark blonde hair underneath a short blonde wig and a blue knit cap. She explained to her fans in the comments section why she chose to be Justin and not Hailey. Sadie revealed that people told her that she looks like the singer, so she decided to dress up as him.

The resemblance is uncanny. Christian made the perfect Hailey Bieber since he strutted his stuff and showed off his bare belly. He wore a blonde wig with a ponytail in the back. His wig was also adorned with pink hair clips. Fans thought their couple’s costume was great. Some of them think they won Halloween.

  • “Costume of the year goes to….SADIE & CHRISTIAN.”
  • “I didn’t know I needed this until now – this is gold.”
  • “Happy Halloween. This is Amazing.”
  • “This is the best thing ever.”

However, there were some fans who were disgusted at their choice. Sadie and her family are known for their strong Christian faith. Some of their Christian followers were not happy that she and her husband celebrated the holiday. Others were unhappy to see Christian dressed up in drag. However, most of them felt that the costume was funny.

Former DWTS contestant recovered from COVID-19

Sadie Robertson is feeling much better these days. Earlier this week, the pregnancy reality star announced she was hospitalized for COVID-19. In her latest podcast episode, she and her family members discussed how they felt throughout the illness. The 23-year-old said she also suffered from morning sickness and emotional symptoms.

Sadie got so weak and dehydrated that she went to the hospital as a precaution. Now that she’s feeling better, she can enjoy Halloween with her husband. The couple also just celebrated their first date together since she fell ill. The Christian influencer took to her Instagram to share the loving photo.

sadie robertson and christian huff instagram
[From Sadie’s Instagram]
She wore an oversized black sweater with light-wash jeans. Meanwhile, Christian kept it casual in a gray T-shirt and gray pants. The couple embraced each other during their outing. She captioned the post: “sickness and health <3 D8 night ❤.”

What did you think of Sadie and Christian’s Halloween costumes? Do you think it was hilarious? Sound off below in the comments section.

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