‘MBFFL” Whitney Way Thore Addresses Accusations From Fans

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life star, Whitney  Way Thore, is getting ready to relive a very bad breakup. If that’s not enough she is also having to defend herself from doubting fans.

Skip her with your negative opinions

Whitney is preparing for her a new season of her popular TLC show. Fans will see a lot of grieve and drama infused in this coming season and Whitney doesn’t want any more drama. The reality show star is dealing with enough and doesn’t want to hear anymore negative opinions.

Rehashing of what happened With Whitney Way Thore this year

Last season the popular show left off with Whitney  Way Thore saying yes to Chase Severino’s proposal. Chase proposed to Whitney in Paris is a very romantic gesture and fans were so happy for the two. These seasons show a different scenario when Whitney announced in May that the two had split and Chase was expecting a baby with a woman “with whom he has a long history.” Chase went on to welcome a  baby girl in September. According to Ashley’s Reality Roundup,  viewers witness Whitney tearfully confront her ex shortly after the child’s birth.

Fans have been harsh to Whitney Way Thore














The season premiere is now less than two weeks away and Whitney is busy defending herself to fans about the shows authenticity. Fans believe Whitney’s and Chase’s relationship was from a script. However, some viewers went as far as even accused Whitney of having a totally scripted show and believe it is all faked. Whitney is having none of the drama and let fans know her feelings. The exchange went down in the comment section of Whitney’s recent Instagram post, where she promoted the new season. “I’m actually starting to do better and life feels pretty good,” she captioned her post 

She fires back at the haters

 “None of that negativity helps. I’m just trying to move on and keep my sh*t together while this airs.” In response to Whitney’s post, a fan-shot back saying they liked the show, but thought Whitney’s relationship was scripted. Whitney sharply replied, “negativity doesn’t help anyone.”

“Apparently no love interest has ever been real because HOW could a man want me or love me,” she continued. “If you’re lucky enough to have a romantic partner are you HONESTLY telling me you wouldn’t get offended,” Whitney clapped back. Most fans stuck up for Whitney and sung her praises. A few even pointed out that there will always be haters and they should be ignored.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life will return November 10 at 9/8c on TLC. 

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