Who Won ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ And America’s Favorite Houseguest?

The final three 'Big Brother All Stars' via Instagram

Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, and Enzo Palumbo all played an incredible game of Big Brother All Stars. Wednesday night it came down to these three. Who was able to outsmart all the houseguests and win the big money prize? Keep reading to find out. Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Did Cody, Nicole or Enzo win Big Brother All Stars?

Everyone watching the houseguests live saw the winner crowned. However, for those who missed the finale, it was a good game all the way to the end.  Earlier this week fans saw Nicole win the first portion of the HOH competition. This ensured her a spot in part 3 go determine who would ultimately be the final Head of Household.

Since Nicole won, Enzo and Cody faced off for part 2 of the competition. Cody won. This guaranteed him a spot in tonight’s part 3 held live. The third part consisted of questions about members of the jury. Cody ultimately won the final HOH 8-7. He answered all eight questions correctly.

So, it was up to Cody who he would take to the final two. He debated and it was clear the decision was tough for him. In the end, Cody evicted Nicole and took Enzo to the final two.

And the winner is….Cody.

The decision and America’s favorite houseguest

Each jury member heard Enzo and Cody’s final pleas to win the half million dollars. They one by one voted for who they felt was most deserving. The winner would need at least five jury members to vote in their favor. Cody won with a unanimous decision. And, Julie said the 9-0 vote was only the second time a winner has won unanimously.

He was very thankful for the votes and his gratitude showed. Not once did he end up on the block during this season. And, he played even after suffering the loss of his grandfather. He found out his grandfather had passed while in the Big Brother house. But, he pressed on and it paid off.

Once the winner was announced, Enzo and Cody exited the house to be with their fellow houseguests. Confetti flew as everyone congratulated and hugged Cody and Enzo. While Enzo didn’t win the $500,000 he did walk away with $50,000.

And, the votes for America’s favorite houseguest were revealed. The top two contenders were Tyler and Da’Vonne. It was then revealed that by almost a million votes, Da’Vonne was crowned America’s favorite houseguest.

These All Stars all played a tremendous game. Congrats to Cody on being the Big Brother All Stars champion.



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