The Real Beverly Goldberg Slams ABC For Ditching Source Material

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If there was ever any doubt that the Beverly Goldberg we’ve grown to both love and fear on the ABC series The Goldbergs was actually based on a real person, look no further than her Twitter account. The real Beverly Goldberg is going full on Beverly on the ABC network via Twitter right now. And fans of the series are here for it. What has the authentic Beverly in a frenzy? Keep reading for the details.

The Goldbergs Season 8 premiered last week, fans weren’t having it

Season 8 of The Goldbergs premiered last week. Fans were not really feeling the premiere. In fact, as we previously reported, some slammed the series for missing the mark and falling short. Turns out, however, fans were not alone in feeling this way. For obvious reasons, Beverly Goldberg has always been a huge fan of the wholesome and hilarious ABC sitcom. But, she has very different feelings about this season.

What is it that has her going full Beverly on the network responsible for giving us the gem based on her family? Turns out, Season 8 of The Goldbergs isn’t really based on the family.

Beverly took to Twitter to reveal she had fans approaching her. Asking her why the Season 8 Premiere was so bad. Naturally, she felt compelled to defend the honor of her son. Because… Truth be told. It wasn’t really his fault. Turns out, ABC ditched Adam Goldberg. They abandoned the source material. And, they were doing their own thing this season. Unfortunately for ABC, fans really noticed.

The real Beverly Goldberg slams ABC on Twitter

In the tweet below, we see the real Beverly Goldberg on which the series is based explain. Explain what? Well, explain why Season 8 kicked off so poorly.

Beverly Goldberg encourages fans of The Goldbergs to reach out to ABC. Why? To let them know they have made a massive mistake. In a separate tweet she even started a movement. A movement to “Make The Goldbergs Great Again.”

Fans worry this kind of change to the show could be enough to cause ratings to dip so bad the series gets canceled. But, fans are rallying together in groups to reach out to ABC. Because they want to beg them to fix this problem.

Is Beverly Goldberg right? Did ABC make a mistake in ditching Adam Goldberg for Season 8 of The Goldbergs? Is this the kind of mistake that gets a show cancelled? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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