Fans Believe ‘The Goldbergs’ Season 8 Premiere ‘Fell Short’ Of Expectations

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After a slight delay because of the pandemic, fans finally enjoyed an hour long Season 8 Premiere of The Goldbergs on ABC last week. And, if you missed the premiere, it is available for streaming via Hulu. Does the wholesome and hilarious family comedy still have the original spark fans fell in love with? Did making adjustments to accommodate the pandemic hurt the production of the ABC series? Keep reading to see what fans are saying.

Fans aren’t super thrilled with The Goldbergs Season 8 Premiere

A quick scroll through the fan reactions on the show’s official Twitter page reveals fans aren’t super happy with the Season 8 Premiere. Many insist it is very clear the production team strayed from the source material for Season 8. As those who follow the series know, The Goldbergs gets is charm by being loosely based on a true story. Tons of real people from the life of the real Adam Goldberg often make appearances in the series. So, it isn’t too surprising that straying from the source material would be an issue for fans.

Some fans insisted the Season 8 Premiere of The Goldbergs “fell short” of what was expected.

“Honesty, this episode fell short. I agree with others that you can tell the change in source material. Without Adam’s stories, the show seems to fall flat. This has to be the last season,” one fan tweeted.

Some individuals felt some of the characters were a little difficult to digest this season. For starters, we saw a new Adam. He had ditched the glasses, gotten a bit of a tan, and his hair was stylish. Has he joined the cool kids? Truth be told, fans found this version of Adam to be annoying. And, after looking at the kid for seven seasons with glasses… It was pretty hard to watch an episode of him without glasses on.

Other fans were over Barry. He’s not a child anymore. And yet Adam seems to act with more maturity. Will Barry ever grow up? We aren’t sure. But, fans were not really digging the version of Barry we got during the Season 8 Premiere. Barry certainly didn’t feel like someone who was about to go off and become a doctor.

Ratings were down compared to last season as well.

According to Variety, ratings for the Season 8 Premiere of The Goldbergs took a nose dive. Considering we are in the middle of a pandemic and people are staying home with nothing to do… It seems a little strange that less people would be tuning in to watch the series. Shouldn’t the number have gone up?

Now, Variety suspects The Goldbergs Season 8 Premiere was down 20 percent because of the competition airing at the same time. The Premiere went up against Game 2 of the World Series. Big Brother on CBS, The Wall on NBC, and the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards on Telemundo likely didn’t help things. Perhaps fans just recorded it to watch it later? Or, maybe they tuned in the next day? It is also possible the pandemic has caused some to cut their cable cord. And, they just can’t afford to tune in right now.

Is the pandemic causing a problem for The Goldbergs?

The Goldbergs is in a bit of a unique situation when it comes to the pandemic. Other shows such as The Conners, for example, just embraced the pandemic. This allowed them to have cast members wearing masks during certain scenes of the filming. Because The Goldbergs takes place during the 80’s and it is based on a true story… The pandemic really can’t be worked into the series without going completely away from the source material and original feel of the series.

Naturally, some can’t help but wonder if pandemic limitations could have caused some issues or limitations for production.

Now, there is no denying it wasn’t fun to see the family hop on an airplane and travel somewhere other than the house or school that most of the show took place at. But, most feel the Season 8 Premiere really missed the mark. And, if things don’t improve, they fear this could be the end for The Goldbergs.

Did you tune in to the Season 8 Premiere of The Goldbergs? Did you think it fell short?

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