Pregnant Sadie Robertson Tested Positive For COVID-19

sadie robertson instagram post

Pregnant Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson revealed that she’s tested positive for COVID-19. On Monday, October 26, she posted a selfie from her hospital bed. Despite the scary diagnosis, the Christian influencer is keeping positive. She was even smiling in her latest Instagram post.

This latest news comes after Sadie announced her pregnancy on social media. The young YouTube star wasn’t prepared for this news. Sadie wasn’t even planning to get pregnant. She previously revealed that she wasn’t looking to expand her family anytime soon, despite the pressure from her family.

Now, the 23-year-old has to deal with a sudden health setback.

Sadie Robertson announced she tested positive for coronavirus

The Live Original founder shared her health diagnosis on Instagram. She wrote a lengthy caption alongside a smiling photo of herself from the hospital. In the post, Sadie Robertson admitted that the diagnosis “has been one of the most challenging things.” She tested positive for the coronavirus after she “ended up getting very sick” in the hospital.

“I know everyone experiences covid differently, but wow these symptoms are wild,” Sadie continued. “I’ve definitely struggled through this one!”

She reminded her followers that she and her baby are “doing great and healthy” amid this health scare. Sadie is back at home and resting. She revealed that she was discharged from the hospital. The Dancing with the Stars alum credits her faith for guiding her through “the hardest moment of this sickness.”

sadie robertson instagram post
[From Sadie Robertson’s Instagram]
“I’m thankful I serve a savior who is with me in these moments that feel rather lonely,” the A&E star said. “My heart and my families [sic] heart goes out to everyone suffering with Covid.”

She concluded her post by sharing that her mom, Korie Robertson, and sister Bella Robertson also tested positive for COVID-19. The three ladies will share their experience on a new episode of her “WHOA That’s Good Podcast.” The LIVE author has also been sharing her pregnancy journey on there. In a previous episode, Sadie revealed that she and Christian Huff were surprised by the baby news.

Duck Dynasty star calls pregnancy God’s blessing

During that episode, Sadie Robertson “couldn’t believe” it when she took a pregnancy test. She noted that she was “not not trying” to have a baby. But it was an afterthought until after she attended her best friend’s gender reveal party. Sadie’s friends had a feeling that she was going to be next.

“I was just overjoyed and I was just thanking God because Christian and I have said since we got married we just kinda left in God’s hands,” she continued. “We want a baby when it’s God’s time for us to have a baby because we believe that it’s a gift from God to have a baby.”

Sadie calls her pregnancy a “blessing” and knew it was all part of “God’s timing.” The Words of Affirmation designer continues to keep the positivity flowing. She took to Instagram Stories to reveal that she’s literally feeling grateful. Sadie has been listening to Brandon Lake’s “Gratitude” a lot since her COVID-19 diagnosis.

sadie robertson instagram stories
[Screenshot from Sadie Robertson’s Instagram Stories]
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