Lisa Rinna Dances Her Way To The Polls

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The coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on the polls. Many states are allowing residents to choose between voting by mail or in voting in person. It’s a bit of a controversial topic, but The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna doesn’t shy from controversy. She is one of many celebrities encouraging fans to vote. 

RHOBH Star Dances Her Way to the Polls

If you follow Lisa Rinna on social media, you know she is very outspoken about politics. But in one of her recent Instagram posts, the RHOBH star encourages fans to vote without mentioning her own political affiliations. 

The former Days of Our Lives star took part in a viral challenge to get the word out about early voting. Using the hashtag #runwaytothepolls, Lisa Rinna put her own stamp on the challenge. Instead of treating the path to the mailbox as a runway, the reality star turned it into a dance floor. 

Shimmying to a Lizzo song, the RHOBH star broke out her usual dance moves. Lisa Rinna’s fans enjoy her dancing videos, but some detractors implore her to learn some new moves. Holding a voting ballot, Lisa Rinna dances her way to the mailbox. But fans see a BIG problem with the video. 

Fans Troll Lisa Rinna For Mailbox Ballot

In her dancing to the polls video, Lisa Rinna forgot one crucial step for mail-in ballots. She forgot to lift the flag on her mailbox so the mail carrier knows there is outgoing mail. But many, many fans took to her comment section on the video to remind her. 

In fact, the RHOBH star got several comments about how unsecure it is to mail in your vote. One follower wrote, “Why would you put something as important as that in your mailbox. Seems really irresponsible of you.”

However, another fan pointed out that Lisa Rinna probably only put the ballot in the mailbox for the video. With the security of mail-in ballots in question, many states are implementing special drop boxes for the ballots. 

Check out Lisa Rinna dancing to the polls below:


Early Voting Breaks Records

Despite the controversy surrounding mail-in voting, it seems many people are opting to vote by mail. Reportedly, over 25 MILLION people have already voted in the U.S. 2020 election. That’s a huge increase from 2016 when many people chose not to vote at all. 

Regardless of who you vote for, voting is a fundamental and important part of America. For many demographics, it was a fight to earn the right to vote. Casting your ballot in the election is a way to honor not only those who fought for the right, but for those who can’t vote for whatever reason. 

If you feel safer voting by mail, then do that. If you’re worried about the security of mail-in voting, vote in person. No matter how, just VOTE! 

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