‘Bachelorette’ Katie Thurston Wins Big In Vegas, Pays It Forward

Katie Thurston/Credit: ABC YouTube

Bachelorette star Katie Thurston recently won big in Las Vegas in a surprising way. How does she plan to pay it forward with her winnings? Keep reading to see how much she won and what she will do with the money.

Katie Thurston Wins Big In Vegas

Katie Thurston has entertained countless viewers on various reality shows. She’s sought love on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. She made a brief appearance on Season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise to host a comedy roast and inadvertently torpedo her ex-fiance’s burgeoning romance with Jess Girod.

She filmed her BIP cameo at the same time she was filming Season 3 of FBoy Island. Katie briefly dated Vince Xu after meeting him on the CW show. She’s kept her dating life more private after another failed reality TV relationship.

Katie Thurston/Credit: ABC YouTube
Katie Thurston/Credit: ABC YouTube

Before joining The Bachelor, Katie Thurston was a bank marketing manager in Washington state. She moved to San Diego, California, after appearing on the ABC show. The former reality star has since moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a stand-up comic.

She recently went to Vegas and came home a huge winner. But not at the slots. Instead, Katie Thurston was part of a Celebrity Poker tournament. She revealed on Instagram that she was crowned the CPT Invitational III champion.

So, how much money did she win throughout the poker tourney? According to an Instagram Story slide, she won $20K in the tournament. Not bad for an amateur poker player!

Credit: Katie Thurston Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Bachelorette Star Pays It Forward

Katie Thurston shared a question from one of her followers. They wanted to know if she actually won anything or was just bragging.

Ignoring the shade, the reality star revealed the sweet way she plans to pay it forward with her winnings. She said that she’s always wanted to pay off her mother’s mortgage. Katie added that the cash winnings will help her make that goal easier to accomplish.

Credit: Katie Thurston Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Since the interaction was on IG Story, other followers couldn’t publicly comment. However, they did congratulate the star on her winnings in the comments the other posts Katie made about the tournament.

In addition to congratulating her, her followers complimented her on her recent hair makeover.

What do you think about Katie Thurston using the money she won playing poker to pay off her mom’s mortgage? Sound off in the comments. Stay tuned for the reality star’s next move.

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