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‘Big Brother All-Stars’ Memphis Garrett’s Reaction To Being Blindsided On Eviction

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Memphis Garrett played a strong game in the Big Brother All Stars house. So, it was quite a surprise when he was evicted Thursday by a vote of 2-0. Now, he has joined other cast members in the jury house. He will help crown the winner in just two weeks. He’s speaking out about his eviction and being blindsided by the two allies he thought had his back.

Memphis addresses being blindsided

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Memphis and was able to ask him about being blindsided by Cody and Enzo. The interviewer reminded Memphis of his diary room comments just this past week. Memphis was reminded of saying, “This is how you play the game. Take notes, everyone.” So what should the notes say now that Cody and Enzo voted Memphis out?

Memphis said, “When I say, “Everyone take notes, this is how you play the game,” that was before I knew that Enzo had spilled the beans to Cody that we actually had an Alliance. I never thought that building an alliance that would protect someone would be up for a conversation with someone else. But hey, you know, you live and you learn.”

When Memphis was blindsided, on the way out he said, “Good luck, you guys. You’re gonna need it.” Who was he talking to when he made that comment? He said he was saying that to Cody. Memphis said,  “I was looking at him when I said it and I shook his hand, meaning I was going to take him and Enzo to the final three. So, ultimately, you know, they missed an opportunity to have someone fighting for them, at least for the next week.”

He also thinks they should have been more upfront with him instead of blindsiding him.

His alliances and game play

Memphis thinks the reason he was able to fool everyone he wasn’t on the Committee is because he had no problem staying away from his alliances in the house. The goal of the Committee members was to stay off the radar by not being in the same room. Unfortunately, some couldn’t do that.

And, if he could change anything it would be to not have different versions of the Wise Guys.

As far as going to the final two, if Memphis would have made it, he would have taken Enzo. He said, “With everyone left in the house right now, I would 100 percent want to sit next to Enzo. Even though he’s liked by everyone, at the end of the day his gameplay, at least from my side, was lackluster.”

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